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Pilates Reformer Benefits & Buying Tips for this Pilates Machine

Updated on March 1, 2013

The secret of Pilates and to enjoy Pilates Reformer benefits is not to get to hung up on the terms used or the names and look of the equipment. It is not as complicated to perform Pilates exercises as you might think.

Joseph Pilates who developed Pilates exercises and the Reformer did so over 90 years ago, hence the strange names! However his methods and Pilates machines have continued to be developed and are as relevant today as back then.

Modern Pilates Reformers for the Home

The modern Pilates Reformer still uses the same principles, but modern materials and construction mean they no longer look like medieval instruments of torture! Now they look good enough to fit in with any contemporary gym equipment and with designs small enough for home use too.

The Stott Pilates SPX Reformer pictured right, is a modern sleek top of the range Reformer that will set you back in the region of $2500 - $3000, but as they say others are available and with a smaller price tag.

If you don't have room at home to leave a machine out on the floor all the time look for a folding model or one that you have room to stand up or store easily.

Using A Reformer

Pilates machines such as the Reformer were designed to be used alongside mat work, but many people today will do the mat work in classes and use the Pilates Reformer to workout at home. Apart from personal choice you will have to work with what facilities are near you, not all gyms or classes have access to Reformers.

If you can get some tuition from a trained Pilates instructor as part of a class or private tuition this is the best way to learn to use the equipment well, otherwise a DVD or video to see the equipment in action is next best thing.

Pilates is about strengthening and toning muscles as well as flexibility, so that you get long, lean muscles instead of bulk. Pilates stresses building "core strength" first, that is the muscles of the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks and inner thighs, which Pilates referred to as the “powerhouse”.

In order to build strength you must use resistance and the reformer bed provides this with the use of springs and your own body weight rather than bulky weights.

Buying A Pilates Reformer

If you decide to buy a Reformer look at it as an investment in your long term health, so you'll want to make the right choice. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

You probably won't want to buy or need the most expensive Reformer for home use, they may be too big and heavy for your needs. If you're short of storage space look out for folding models. However they do need to accommodate your body type, height and weight in particular.

If buying online do check on the specifications carefully for your needs as above and whether they fit your home storage arrangements as photographs can be deceptive size wise, especially between different manufacturers. I hope this article has helped you.


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