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Pilates - The Easiest Way to Get Toned

Updated on March 14, 2011

Phoenix Pilates Reformer Classes

Three Huge Benefits of Pilates

lates has been around for awhile now, but people are still trying to figure what it does and decide if it is the right choice for them to help them achieve their goals. Well as a student at my local Phoenix Pilates studio, I wanted to share what I have discovered from taking Pilates classes. I believe the benefits I have gotten from my Pilates exercises are the same ones that can help you.

  • Toned - Okay, to be honest...there really isn't a scientific definition for the word toned. But that doesn't matter does it? I mean after all, we all know what it means. We want to firm up the trouble spots and get rid of the jiggle. Pilates does that. It makes you use muscle, burn calories, and get rid of fat.

And the being toned simply means being healthier. The more muscle and less fat you have the easier it is on your body, your heart especially.

  • Strong - By using and working your muscles, they get stronger. You get stronger! And it's not a case where you have to get loaded down with heavy weights to make it happen. It's simply of matter of using the right amount of weight to add resistance to a Pilates move. By performing the exercise using the proper mechanics and techniques, you cause your muscle to work...quite possibly in a way they never have before!

Being strong is advantageous to bone health and simply being able to perform the activities of every day living. This get more important the older we get.

  • Flexibility - Pilates workouts help you become flexible. Now that doesn't mean you can do the splits after one class just as you did when you were a kid. :0) What it does mean though is that after a short period of time, you start to notice that you are much more limber and you have a greater range of motion. This benefit is so important because it helps you avoid getting injured.

If you are looking to get toned, fit, and strong...whatever your goals are, Pilates is the easiest and quickest way to get there.

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Pilates for Improved Athletic Performance

Pilates for Improved Athleticism

There is another benefit that you may not be aware of with Pilates that I'm going to let you in on a little secret about.  Pilates can help you become better at doing the things you LOVE to do!  And this type of exercise can also improve your endurance so that you can do the things you love to do...longer. 

Now, I'm going to let your imagination go with some ideas that may come to mind.  But, I will confirm that if one of those ideas relates to the benefit of endurance in your love making abilities...You wouldn't be off course with that line of thought.  ;0)

However, technically I'm referring to things like playing baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and more. 

See, Pilates really focuses on balance and core movement.  Did you know that all of your power comes from your core???  We are talking abs here.  When you have strong abs, that gives your more power to throw, spike, and kick that ball.

Pilates is so important for improving your skills in sports, my Phoenix Pilates studio even has a class specifically designed for golfers.  Because of the balance and core work that taking this class provides, you can be assured of more accurate putts, longer drives, and improved mechanics.

So if you're an athlete looking to improve your game...or take strokes off of your golf score, do yourself a favor and sign up for Pilates classes.  You're improved performance will keep you smilin'.

Get Rid of Pain

Pilates Core Workout

Pilates to Help you Get Rid of Joint Pain

There is one more benefit that comes from Pilates that for many just might be the most important of them all.  Pilates classes can help you to get rid of pain.  How you might be asking...

Well, to answer that question we first have to understand that joint pain in many cases comes from weak and imbalanced muscles.  As a result, other muscles and joints in the body are being used by overcompensating for the joint that are hurting. 

Pilates helps strengthen the muscles around the painful joint and create a balance in the muscle strength.  It also helps elongate a shortened muscle and strengthens an elongated overstretched muscle. 

And with a certified Pilates instructor, who knows their stuff, you'll learn all the proper techniques to performing the Pilates exercise.  This will get your muscles functioning properly alleviating the joint discomfort and allowing you to get back to pain free living. 


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    • top-bannana profile image

      top-bannana 6 years ago from England

      great hub thank you, you have inspired me to go and find my nearest class. Thanks although may try out the video at home as well. thanks for sharing

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