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Piloxing anyone? The Trendiest new Exercise.

Updated on September 18, 2012

By: Anastasia Vaughan

So by now your probably wondering what is Piloxing? Piloxing is the latest fitness fad to hit the market headed by personal trainer Viveca Jensen from Sweden. Piloxing is the newest indoor sport that condenses kick-boxing with its very aggressive movements and the mellow flexible exercise moves of Pilates. A typical Piloxing session has a series of jumps, punches, stretches and simple dance moves that promise to help get your body in shape. People who now swear by the workouts original style say you can’t possibly spell Piloxing without a fixed set of catchy dance music tunes that help amplify its hip vibes. Piloxing is said to be an all out adrenaline rush that can help you burn off about 1,000 calories in just 1 hour.

It uses dance-based movements, and incorporates the use of weighted gloves for toning the upper body and arms. The downsides of Piloxing however, would be that though it increases stamina it isn’t a muscle building type of exercising routine despite the fact that it is physically designed to tone you in a way that has you looking great. Piloxing lives by a very strict rule that allots 15 minutes on the floor and 45 in a standing high energy foot moving positions. The intensity ranges from extremely fast and ends moderately slow. “Pilates is about balance, posture and strengthening your core, while kick-boxing builds agility and makes you feel powerful. Piloxing combines the best of both,” says a rare breed of Piloxing instructors just trying to get the movement well moving.

Unlike other gym classes Jensen ( Piloxing creator)insist that these workouts are best done without the clinginess of heavy feet restraining shoes as she suggest you get moving barefoot.

Jensen quickly became Hollywood’s most trendy exercise guru after the creation of the exercises unique style for celebrity clients she is now ready to take her fitness style public. The style is relatively low maintenince and only requires ½ pound gloves for each hand to better help tone arms. Jensen currently has a do it yourself DVD online up for sale if you are interested in joining in on the fun. Don’t bother looking for a Piloxing class near you any time soon as Jensen has a firm belief that Piloxing is an independent do it yourself at home program designed with you in mind. For more information on the trend you will just have to visit


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