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Pimples on Vagina? Don't Panic!

Updated on December 28, 2015

If you've recently spotted pimples on your vagina and let out a screech, this article is for you! Pimples can occur on any part of the body, so don't panic just because a few have shown up on your girly bits. Of course, you will need to be sure these are pimples and not something you contracted thanks to a sexually transmitted disease, but most of us have had enough pimples on our faces to spot the difference.

So take a deep breath, calm down, and grab a mirror. And then come back and continue reading for:

  • More info on vaginal pimples
  • What causes them
  • Why they're not much worth getting hysterical over.

Can you really get pimples on your vagina?

The short answer: yes, of course you can. The longer answer: Your entire body is comprised of skin, and anywhere you've got skin, pores, and sweat glands, you can get a pimple. Sounds perfectly logical if you think about it like that, doesn't it?

The Difference Between Vaginal Pimples and an STD

How can you tell? This is a little tricky, because what you're seeing could be one of four things:

  1. Pimples on the vagina (or vulva)
  2. In-grown hairs
  3. Vaginal blisters
  4. Or an STD like Herpes or HPV.
  • Herpes is not likely to show up as one dot, so if you've only got one pimple, it's probably a pimple or an in-grown hair. (Of course, you'll want to visit your doctor for confirmation!) If it is Herpes, it will likely burn or itch, whereas a pimple shouldn't feel like much of anything -- though it might hurt a bit when touched.

  • Vaginal blisters that are not STD-related tend to show up solo as well. These can hurt!
  • In-grown hairs can cause an unpleasant welt that could look like a large pimple. This may hurt when touched and it might even itch. If you've shaved recently, the surrounding area might itch as well. But if it's just an in-grown hair, it should be solo as well, as it's unlikely you'd have several clumped together.
  • Syphilis chancres are blisters that usually appear solo. They are not painful at all to the touch, nor do they itch.


It's not a result eating too much chocolate, but I'm guessing you already knew that. What you may not realize is how productive the sweat glands around the vulva can be. Mucho productive, in some cases. Sweat, night sweats and other activities can result in a build-up of fluids and moisture in the area that could easily result in a pimple or two. Some people get these on a regular basis, some might never get one at all.

They're really not a big deal and shouldn't be obsessed over — but you should get a gynecological exam if you think what you're seeing is not a pimple or something of a benign nature. The easiest way for a doctor to diagnose you is to see the symptoms in person. If you wait until they clear up, the doctor won't be able to tell you what it was.


  • Keep the area clean and dry. Shaving is a great tool, as it prevents a build-up of moisture that would otherwise hang about in hair in the general vicinity.
  • Do not use facial washes that are meant for acne and other such issues on your vagina! A gentle soap and water are really all that you should be using in this very sensitive area.
  • In fact, if you've been using anything harsh, or bubble baths that don't agree with your skin, these could be the culprit behind a pimple outbreak.

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