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How to Support Your Breast Cancer-Suffering Partner as a Husband/ Boyfriend

Updated on June 22, 2011

How to Support Your Partner as a Husband/ Boyfriend

Breast Cancer is categorized as curable. The early you find it out, the higher possibility that you can recover. Certainly getting any kind of cancer could be a very difficult situation and long process to get cure. Like any other types of cancer patients, breast cancer patient needs supports from family and friends, and especially from the closest persons, the husband or boyfriend.

Be Strong Yourself

Being the closest person to the unfortunately one, firstly you have to be in a good mental and physical condition in order to support your partner.

1. Take good care of your own health. For one it gives you capability in taking care of your partner physically, for two this can show your partner that you are prepare to take up the mission of supporting her through out tough times.

2. Equip yourself with relevant information about breast cancer. The more you know about it the better. You should also try to understand the implications of various treatment types and possible pain that your partner would suffer and thereby could provide support.

3. Be positive. This is of top importance - your partner can very easily sense your mood and if you cannot manage your own emotion, she might think wild and concluded that something could have gone wrong. You know how sensitive a woman can be. Be extra alert when she's suffering from cancer.

Support Your Partner in Fighting Breast Cancer
Support Your Partner in Fighting Breast Cancer

Support Your Partner

1. Whenever possible, accompany her to her treatments and show your support both mentally and physically.

2. Be her outlet of emotional needs. Patients could be very emotional throughout the curing process. Different sort of dark thinking might emerge in her head. Listen to her and give her positive statements calmly and supportively.

3. Be extra sensitive to her mood. For instance, she might not in a mood in seeing visiting friends and therefore you should pay extra attention to little remarks. It could be tiring for you but this would help the patients a lot.

4. Be her personal assistant. When being weak and needs loads of mental support, she would need you to communicate frequently with her on how she feels, how she want to arrange stuff and then carry out the action for her. This not only can show her your unlimited love and care, but also can lessen her worry about her daily life.

5. Give positive energy to her. You are the closest person to the patient, any positive energy and news that you can bring could brighten her spirit up, which is vital for her to fight with the sickness.

For Your Friends and Family

You can also show your support for breast cancer patients by supporting breast cancer foundations.

Do spread the message to your family and friends to raise their awareness of this curable disease. The Susan G Komen for the CureĀ® Foundation, a foundation which supports breast cancer, has produced a series of products, ranging from apparels, books, kitchen appliances to jewelry. 25% of the purchased price of the products will be donated to the Komen Foundation, giving support to breast cancer patience and research development.

It is a great opportunity to promote the awareness of breast cancer by giving out these products as gifts, or get yourself or your wife a rare pink KitchenAid which is a talking point at your kitchen as well!

KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer

KitchenAid is nothing new in today's modern kitchen. A pink one might catch the eyes though.

This pink version has the classic features of a KitchenAid, including a tilt-back head, flat beater, wire whisk and pouring shield, etc. Other than that, this pink KitchenAid can also spread the message of being breast-cancer-aware.

Komen Foundation also has a whole series of kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Special Pink Edition KitchenAid
Special Pink Edition KitchenAid

Support Breast Cancer Foundations

Something for the Gents

Susan G Komen foundation also took care of the gents. They have 'Quad Ribbon Tie' and 'Pocket Squares' available in various patterns, which gives perfect opportunities for men to show that they are real gentlemen who care about the health of their partners.

Besides Susan G Komen foundation, there are also other charity organizations supporting breast cancer available. Check out and support this National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and do not limit it only in America, but in any other countries that you are located.

Get Supports from Everywhere

Living on earth is already a bless. Support others by donating whenever possible.

And if you are one of the unlucky ones, give unlimited support to your partner through the survival fight against breast cancer.

Share Your Personal Experience

If you have any personal experience that you want to share with everyone, you can start writing them in Hubpages. Your story might turn into rewards.

Start writing in Hubpages by clicking Here.


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