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Bad Cholesterol

Updated on November 23, 2012

Food that can beat bad cholesterol

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Vegan food to reduce cholesterol.unsalted pistachiosCinnamonOlive oil.
Vegan food to reduce cholesterol.
Vegan food to reduce cholesterol.
unsalted pistachios
unsalted pistachios
Olive oil.
Olive oil.

Cholesterol is built in our body when our body fat and steroids combine together to form a compound.Liver produces nearly 80 percent of cholesterol in our body and 20 percent is supplied by our food, especially our food from animal source ,vegetarians may have less cholesterol but intake of excess dairy products like butter ,cheese and ghee in their diet add to get cholesterol .There are 2 types of cholesterol LDL(bad cholesterol)and HDL(good cholesterol)If bad cholesterol, increase of LDL in our body makes ous susceptible to heart disease and artery disease . Arteries gets harden when cholesterol sticks to the walls of the arteries and gradually blocks the arteries and obstruct the blood flow to the heart which leads to heart attack or some times failure of heart.

HDL or good cholesterol helps to carry bad cholesterol to the liver and convert it to good cholesterol or dispose it ,this prevent plaguing of the artery walls and hence lower the risk of hardening of arteries and heart diseases like heart attack.

We must take care of HDL and LDL level in our body ,if either is disturbed we suffer from some or the other problem .We must take special care of the food we eat if we are suffering from cholesterol problem.Avoid fried food,white starch food,polished rice,intake of dairy products like ghee or butter milk ,butter and cheese.Food from animal source must be checked too.

Food that helps to reduce bad cholesterol

A handful of unsalted pistachios every day helps the people suffering from bad cholesterol .They lower the cholesterol level in us ,pistachios are nutritive dense food which is rich in vitamins and minerals .Pistachios contain high amount of fiber which is necessary for our body and forms excellent source of dietary fibre,they contain 30 minerals and vitamins and phyto nutrients,They are excellent vegetable protein and replaces animal protein that your body needs.

They contain phenolic compounds( antioxidants) and help to fight oxidative stress and keep us safe from cancer and heart related disease,pistachios are highly nutritious and a complete food of protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is said to be nature. .

Cinnamon is also another fiber rich spice that helps to reduce cholesterol,the daily dose of the spice should be six grams /day .you can have it in a powder form.

Red onion juice helps to check bad cholesterol in our body.You can even have red onion salad with every meal.

Bananas also helps to control bad cholesterol.They are rich in fiber hence absorbs bad cholesterol.They are also rich in various nutrients.

Flex seeds or flex seed oil or olive oil helps to reduce bad cholesterol(as it contain omega 3 fatty acids) from our body having 2 tea spoon of any of the one, everyday helps a lot.

Fish and fish oil too are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and helps to check bad cholesterol in our body.

Curry leaves' extract 4 tsp every morning helps to reduce cholesterol.

Cooking food in olive oil or coconut oil also helps to reduce cholesterol

We must drink a lot of water everyday to check the build up of cholesterol in our body.

Sunflower oil and sunflower seeds also help to check bad cholesterol in our body .

Avocados ,walnuts,almonds oats,(breakfast meal) fruits and vegetables helps to reduce unwanted bad cholesterol from our body .

2 Garlic cloves twice a day helps to reduce cholesterol.If single bulb garlic is used it is a best remedy for cholesterol and high blood pressure.

A cup of green tea after a meal does not let bad cholesterol to form in our body,the Tannin present in it does not let cholesterol stick to the arteries ,hence arteries do not get plagued by lipids that harm our body .

Arjuna bark powder is best among the alternative remedies to keep the bad cholesterol in check ,it also has tannin like tea, to erase the plague formed by LDL on the walls of the arteries .

Doing morning walk briskly helps to remove toxins and generate heat in our body and helps to dispose LDL from our body through sweat. .


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