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Placebo Surgery

Updated on October 30, 2014

About ten years ago I got a cyst on my knee from a miniscus tear. I injured myself in a skiing accident.

My leg healed "on its own" before the surgery because of self treatment. The orthopedic surgeon said this was impossible. Good thing I didn't believe him, eh?

Anyways, doctors have been "healing" their patients for hundreds of years with placebos, it was only a matter of time before they used placebo surgery!

Check out this YT video:

In the first segment, doctors faked scraping the cartilage off of two veterans knees. They just stabbed them a couple of times in the knees and pretended to do the surgery.

I was scheduled for the same knee surgery (they were SUPPOSED to do on these Vets) in order to repair the torn meniscus cartilage. My orthpopedic surgeon told me that these injuries NEVER heal on their own. The cartilage must either be partially or completely removed in order for the body to rebuild it.

The operation was very expensive (over $7,000 just for the surgery) and I was self-insured at the time, so I got scheduled for surgery at a teaching hospital hundreds of miles away. It would only cost me 100 dollars. While waiting the three months to get the surgery (since I was in so much pain) I figured why not self treat?

I tried prayer, Reike a sort of (almost) laying on of hands, garlic wraps, and lots of other alternative stuff. I even made a flute that served as a cane. I would lay the cane flute across my leg and play for hours.

When I finally arrived at the hospital for my surgery the cyst was gone and so was the pain. At the entry examination, my new orthopedic surgeon advised surgery was not called for. This is because, as he said, "Obviously you didn't have a meniscus tear, as these never heal."

Was it a false diagnosis by a prominent surgeon? Was the surgeon and the intern ill informed? Probably I healed naturally, because I waited through the pain!

@15::01 "'s [the placebo] probably the strongest and most comprehensive drug that we have."

That's saying a lot about drug efficacy, Doc!

Unfortunately, since I have been conditioned for it, I always have nasty (nocebo) side effects.

AND in a similar vein: I planted some artificial flowers in the garden and today artificial bees were swarming all around them.

Speaking about one particular study, the psychologist says,

@19:50, "The difference between the drug and the placebo was 2 points...That's a very small difference... clinically it is meaningless."

Yep, little difference between a real drug and a fake one. For a drug to be considered efficacious it must out perform a placebo... nothing!

In the third segment we see that it doesn't matter whether it is the belief in God or the placebo as "God and the Placebo effect are unpredictable healers."

@34:30 "one in three benefit from placebo..." but Researcher Professor Benadenti thinks he can make placebos beneficial to all persons. He's boosted the effect from 30% to 90% by lying and deceiving his patients.

Finally, many researchers think that the placebo effect works only if you don't know it's a placebo. They are, therefore, self justified in their deceit. But, as one researcher says, we can exploit the placebo effect without lying to the patient. "It works as long as you consider it medicine." So, as long as I believe it's medicine and can convince you it medicine...gottcha!

Bottom line seems to be that whether placebo, God, healer, hypnotism (or power of suggestion), the underlying mechanism is supposedly that it is belief that some how triggers God, healing power, or the mind to initiate or accelerate the healing process(es). Or, perhaps it is, as we are told @50:56, "...with a little bit of magic we can make ourselves well."

It seems that there is a common thread of deceit throughout religion, faith healing and medicine. The priest tells you God will heal you, the faith healer tells you he or she heals you, or the doctor tells you the little red pill will heal you. But is it taking the higher ground by telling you your healing will take place because placebos ARE medicine?

Give me a break!


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