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Where to Live at Very Little or no Cost.

Updated on June 2, 2015
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Joseph is a print based writer, author, and poet. Joseph likes to share an assortment of different things with people.


Shrublands are among many places where you wouldn't think that much is attainable, or better yet, where life would have meaning. Shrublands; however, are not completely free of insects, rodents, and reptiles, often being a reason to avoid them, in the eyes of many. Shrublands can be found in Central America, North America, and even Africa, while they can also still be found in many other parts of the world, they are most noteably found in these particular continents, all of which many different countries can be found in. Shrublands, interchangeably called "Scrublands", are the result of removal of pieces of land, thought by many, with other possible explanations thrown around too. Things that people should keep in mind before beginning their stay in the Shrublands are the Heat, lack of food, and the risk of disease spread by wild animals.


Although no one really lives in igloos, it is still possible to live in them; as long as you bring things which will help your everyday life, onward. Living in an igloo is frigid, but not so much as it is outside of one. Fur is one of many things which would make life in an igloo, much easier to live. Besides having fur, or something similar to clothe you, you will also need preserveable food, and something to liquify drinkable liquids, which will freeze in such a climate. Others things that will make living life in an igloo easier are; sharp objects and a platform to ignite a fire. Living in an igloo is something to be done with caution, if you don't have people to accompany you, or even the right materials, the stay won't be easy.

Straw Bale Homes

Made and thickened completely from straw; are these one of a kind homes, which many today, do not reside in. Straw bale homes are easily made from reusable slathers and tightened from all corners. Straw bale homes have distinct properties such that they are easily insulated, and once tightened they are bounded so well, it becomes hard for them to fall. Some of the things about straw bale homes that would make people spare their time in emplacing them include; moisture, which the straw is unable to take in a lot of the time, high powered energy that doesn't have use, and the possibility that if ruined, they will not be restored. Straw home building is still underway in places where cutting costs and living happily is most important. You can never go wrong in building something so hard to find, with so very little limits in ways to build it. Whether you design your's using loading techniques in great amounts, or framing; the space you are given, as well as the settled feeling it displays, will show that it's completion gave you more in return, than you ever thought it would.

Would it be better to live in the shrublands, an igloo, or a straw bale home?

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