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Plan Don't Worry

Updated on March 11, 2011

make a plan

Worry accomplishes little good and can do much harm. If you do have something bothering you, the only way to end the worrying is to take action.

In fact, much of our worrying centers on what will happen? We allow our worrying state of mind to freeze us and become unable to act or to think clearly about what options exist.

There are situations where the options are limited and sometimes the only choice we have is how we are going to respond to the situation. Some realities are more drastic than others; however, there is always a range of options and possibilities that we need a clear mind to see and understand. Worrying clouds the mind and makes all look bleak.

Planning is the process of assessing the situation, setting a goal and then a list of objectives which, when done, will move you towards that goal. The process of writing down your goal and listing the objectives you need to do in order to realize that objective is liberating.Take your time, relax and let your mind be free.

Calmness is essential to effective planning. A sense of urgency can be the spark but the path requires a quiet mind.

Rather than sitting and stewing about your troubles you are taking charge and plotting a course of action that can alleviate or at least reduce them.

When there is something I must get done, the first step is to grab a pen, a good one with a firm grip and ink that flows but does not smear. There is something comforting about a pen in the hand.

I keep a number of notebooks around the house and in my bag so I can make notes, lists and jot down ideas. I use one to develop my plan.

Step one is to define what it is that I need to do; to state my intent. A clear intent is necessary to realize the steps or objectives needed to carry out the plan.

So what do you want, love, money, a job, new car, or to learn another language; there are many possibilities. Whatever it is you want or whatever situation is confronting you, the clearer your statement of intent is; the easier it will be to develop a set of objectives that will get you where you want to go.

Step two is to set your objectives, there may be only one or two steps you need to take to realize your goal or there may be many. It depends upon where you are and where you want to be. If you need $100.00 to pay a bill a loan from a family member may be the answer, just be straight up about the need and when you can pay it back.

If we are talking about life changing events, such as finding a new job in another city then the goal may be simple enough, what city and what type of work do you want to do?

Are you qualified to do this work or do you need training, experience or education? If you are qualified, it is time to update your resume. If you are not what steps do you need to take to become qualified?

The journey from here to there can be exciting, and rewarding, but you may find a map useful, a well thought out plan will be that map.

stop and appreciate the peony

Peony, Bob Ewing photo
Peony, Bob Ewing photo


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