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Accomplish a good goal with a plan.

Updated on February 23, 2016

Make a Plan to accomplish your Health Goal

Once upon a time I was over weight, suffering from fatigue and having a hard time tying my shoes because my stomach was too big. After reading article upon article about how lack of fitness, being overweight, and eating a poor diet can contribute to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, depression and a host of other illness and disorders I decided that it is time to put some energy, effort, and focus into preventing diseases and disorders before they develop in my life. As I thought about my condition I decided to start exercising at the gym and when I did it only took a few weeks to start losing body fat, getting stronger, becoming more flexible and feeling grand!

Many years ago an employer told me that “continuity is the key to success”. This concept stuck in my mind. The more that I thought about it I came to the conclusion that it is applicable to every good behavior that there is in life. I have discovered from my own experience and from the experiences of others that when it comes to becoming healthy and fit there must be a commitment to accomplish the goal or goals that a person has made.

When it comes to having a goal there should be a specific plan in order to accomplish that goal. That plan does not have to be written out but it could be very helpful if it is. A general goal may be to lose 10 or 20 pounds of body fat but it is the plan that acts as a guideline to help you accomplish that goal. For example, A persons plan may be to reduce the amount of junk food and carbs they eat by 50% and to jog 2 miles a day at 6 days a week in order to reach the goal of losing 10 or 20 pounds of body fat within a months period of time.

Before I started a gym membership I knew that I needed to lose weight. I knew it because I went for a routine checkup at the doctor and he told me that I had high cholesterol and that I was obese. Not only did he tell me that but he also prescribed me some pills to lower my cholesterol. I was shocked and I decided that this situation was enough info to get me contemplating about behaviors that I need to change so that I can get healthier and not remain at risk for the consequences of my unhealthy behavior pattern.

I have to admit that it took me a while before I really started getting very serious about doing what needed to be done in order to obtain and maintain proper health. However, over time with thoughts of being healthy and reading information about risks of consequences from obesity and unhealthy behavior patterns I guess you can say that one day I had an epiphany or a moment of enlightenment. Just do it! Thinking about doing something is just the start. If you think about doing something and make plans about actually doing what it is that you are thinking about doing the next step is the action of doing it.

I know, that sounds like some common sense right? it is. In the midst of thinking about changing my behavior I formulated a plan to start getting healthy and decided to develop an attainable goal. The plan that I made was to eat healthier, get a gym membership and start exercising in order to reach my goal of losing body fat and getting healthier. Let me break what I just said down.

Plan: Eat healthier, get a gym membership and exercise.

Goal: Lose body fat and get healthier.

Now that I had this plan and attainable goal I went to the gym and purchased a membership. Once I did that I spoke to one of the trainers that was at the gym so that I could find out if he could help me come up with a workout good plan to get into shape. As I was talking to the trainer he started telling me that it would cost me an additional $300 a week for him to make a schedule and work with me to reach a fitness goal. At that time I did not have that kind of money to spend and decided to do research on the internet and make myself a workout schedule and diet plan. However, if a person does not know how to do that, gyms usually have personal trainers that can help them by making a workout schedule for them. I would recommend getting a trainer if one is clueless as to how to get a schedule for oneself. Trainers can be good because they assess your current condition, formulate a plan based on ones goals and advise one on workouts and nutrition intake in order to reach their goals.

After about three months I had been eating better and exercising regularly. I was getting toned up, feeling more energy, and had a good cholesterol level. The last time I went to the doctor for a health check up he told me that I no longer need to take the cholesterol pills and that I was in optimal health. I was very happy about the accomplishment that I had made. Another good thing is that I can actually bend over to tie my shoes without having to strain. Before, it was a large task to tie my shoes because my stomach was in the way. No more of that though. Now that I followed the plan that I formulated and reached my goal of getting in a healthy weight and body fat percentage I have no problem tying my shoes. It all started out with a plan to get where I am today. Since then I have different fitness goals and I know that if I am going to reach those goals I am going to have to stick to a plan that will help me reach those goals.

It was not always easy for me to get to the point that I am today. There were days that I just did not want to go to the gym and stick to the plan that I had formulated. I have to admit I did deviate from that plan before and it was harder for me to get back to my work out plan. The reason that it was hard to get back to the plan was because once I took an extra few days off from my scheduled plan I began to dread going back to the gym because I started to get lazy. However, I did overcome that moment of laziness and pushed my self to get back in the gym and get on track. I guess you can say that I was determined to reach my goal and had to stick to my plan in order to reach it.

I have to say that if I was able to formulate a plan in order to reach a health goal others can do the same. I understand that each persons situation is different, that people are on different levels and have different ideas as to what plans and goals that they want to accomplish. What ever the case may be when it comes ton realistic goals they can be accomplished no matter who you are. It may take determination, discipline and more time or less time than others but continuity is the key to success and you can do it.


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