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Planning for Weight Loss Resolutions

Updated on December 6, 2010

With January right around the corner, you're probably starting to think about New Year's resolutions.  For many, weight loss is a popular goal each January.  And now is the time to plan ahead!  With a plan, you know where you're going.  You have a road map for your journey.  The problem with most weight loss resolutions is the lack of an action plan.  We blindly "Just Do It."

Write down how you are going to achieve your weight loss goal.
Write down how you are going to achieve your weight loss goal. | Source

If you're driving somewhere you've never been before, you find directions before leaving the house.  It's the same with weight loss.  You have to know how you're going to get there before beginning.  Too often we set goals like "I want to lose 15 pounds" without knowing how we're going to accomplish it.

First things first.  Ask yourself, "What did I do in the past that worked?  What didn't work?"  If you decided to go from not exercising to working out four days per week last January, did you stick with the new schedule?

Exercise is a key to weight loss.  We know this and it's why the gym is over-crowded in January.  But by February, there is no more waiting for the treadmill.  It's because we start out too hard, too fast and burnout quickly.  And for all that effort, you only lose a few pounds.

While you're thinking about your 2011 goals this month, think about HOW you're going to achieve them.  Successful weight loss is a combination of moving more and eating better.  Your plan should include an increase in activity.  For some that means walking the dog for an extra ten minutes.  For others, that means adding a weight lifting day to their regular workout.   

Make a small change that you can stick with for all of 2011, not just January.

Write down how you're going to increase your activity.  How many minutes will you add and what days will you do them?  

Write down one nutrition habit you're going to change.  Do not put yourself on a diet...especially if it didn't help you lose weight previously!

With a specific plan outlined now, you'll be ready to just do it in January.


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