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Plastic Neti Pot Pros and Cons

Updated on July 18, 2011

Types of Neti Pots

Have you decided to try a plastic neti pot? Pros and cons of the different types of neti pots vary. The various composition of neti pots- stainless, plastic neti pots, and ceramic neti pots add up to a variety of choices. Plus there are different functional designs for neti pots. Decide for yourself if a plastic neti pot is the correct choice for you.

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A Little Neti Nasal Pot Background - Neti Pot Use in the USA

Neti pots were virtually unheard of ten years ago in the United States. However, the use of neti sinus pots began before the USA was even a country.

Neti pot use, called nasal irrigation, began in India thousands of years ago by Ayurvedic practitioners. Neti means "nasal cleanse" in Sanskrit language. Originally, neti pots were made of ceramic or a metal such as copper.

Neti pots started to become popular in the United States after they were first featured on the popular Oprah Winfrey television show in 2006. Oprah has talked about neti pot use with Dr. Oz on later shows as well.

Other Best Selling Neti Pots

My Personal Experience Using a Neti Sinus Pot

I have had sinus problems since I was about seven years old. I can remember lying on the bed in Florida about that time. I reached down to pick up a book on the floor. I thought my head was going to explode.

This was my introduction into my new world of sinus headaches at least once a week, post nasal drip, sinus congestion, stuffy ears, frequent colds, sinus pressure, fatigue, dark circles under my eyes, and my sense of taste and smell being seriously diminished. I had frequent sinus infections. I had chronic sinusitis. Fun, right?

As mentioned, I had at least one unbearable sinus headache a week. Normal aspirin or other pain relievers did no good to stop the pain, so I started taking allergy sinus pills on a regular basis. I made sure that we always had them in the house, the car, and I had a bottle of sinus pils in my purse for my sinus pain.

Post nasal drip was a constant aggravation to me that no sinus or allergy medication solved. The dark circles under my eyes made me look like a zombie, and I felt like one most of the time, too.

The stuffy ears, sinus congestion and pressure, plus my pitiful lack of taste or smell made me feel like I had a cold most of the time, and often I did.

So I suffered like this for decades. I just popped my sinus medication and dealt with it.

Alternative Health Natural Remedies to the Rescue - Neti Pots for Sinus Infections

I have always been an alternative health remedies fan. I read about natural remedies all of the time. It's a hobby, I guess. I never really tried the remedies for sinus pain, for some reason. I happened upon the neti pot sinus remedy about ten years ago.

I was still popping allergy and sinus pills like candy. But when the formula changed because of people using sinus medication to make meth, my world was turned upside down.

Whenever I took any of the new sinus pills, I literally had to take a nap. I felt like I had swallowed a sleeping pill. I couldn't drive for feeling groggy. After I woke up, (usually two or more hours later), I still felt drugged with no energy.

So whenever I had my regularly occurring sinus headaches, that entire day was lost to my sinus medication. Either that, or try to get through the day with a fiercely pounding head that no other pain medication would cure.

Alternative medicine to the rescue. I started researching natural remedies for sinus infections and sinusitis. I read about this weird contraption called a neti pot. It used nasal irrigation as a way to clear up nasal congestion, and was even said to be effective for sinus infections.

Neti pots sounded like a wonderful solution for sinus problems. It had no side effects. It caused no damage to the body or endangered a person's health, unlike some conventional medications. It was completely natural and safe.

How to Use a Neti Pot Correctly

Photo credit: Villy Fink Isaksen da.wikipedia
Photo credit: Villy Fink Isaksen da.wikipedia

Neti Pot Use for the First Time

Despite this, I resisted trying a neti pot- for years! Using a neti nasal pot for sinus relief was such a foreign concept. It also sounded gross, to be honest. And at the least, the nasal irrigation procedure seemed like it would be uncomfortable.

I know. It sounds silly to avoid it when I had so many sinus health problems. But that's my story. I got to a point where I just couldn't go on taking sinus pills and sleeping the whole day. I started taking regular pain medication, which didn't offer much sinus relief at all.

The last straw was when I got a painful sinus infection. We had no health insurance. I didn't want to pay $100 for a doctor visit. I finally broke down and bought a neti pot to try to cure my sinus infection.

It took a few tries to get the nasal irrigation process figured out. It's not difficult to learn how to use a neti pot, just weird at first. Because of my sinus infection, the neti pot solution did burn, but not so much that I couldn't stand it.

I noticed immediately after using the plastic neti pot for the first time that I could actually smell again! That was both a good and a bad thing. (We have dogs! ;-] ) And I could breathe more freely. After about an hour, it seemed that the swelling in my nasal passages had decreased and I didn't have as much sinus pressure. So far, so good!

Did Neti Pot Nasal Irrigation Cure My Sinus Infection?

I continued to use the neti pot first thing in the morning and before bedtime with the included neti pot solution. I also took huge doses of vitamin C. In about a week, my sinus infection seemed to be gone.

I don't know if the sinus infection would have cleared up by itself. And I don't know which possibly cured my sinus infection- the neti pot use, vitamin C, or the combination of the two. But it did go away!

And I didn't have to spend a fortune at the doctor's office. Plus, I was able to avoid antibiotics and the almost guaranteed yeast infection that I usually get after I take antibiotics.

So, using a neti pot for my sinus infection made me a fan of neti pots for sure!

Neti Pots for Sinus and Allergy Sufferers - I Recommend It!

I continue to use neti pots regularly. Sometimes I slack off, but then I notice my sinus symptoms coming back.

Using a neti pot hasn't been a miracle cure, but it has significantly reduced all of my sinusitis symptoms, and eliminated some of them completely.

Nasal irrigation is cheap, quick, can be done anywhere, and effective with no health risks like conventional medicines. I would recommend a neti pot to anyone who suffers from sinus or allergy problems. And neti pot use has no side effects like other sinus and allergy medications. After I use a neti pot, I feel refreshed, not like I have to take a nap.

Which Neti Pot to Buy?

If you decide to buy a neti pot, which type of neti pot should you choose? It depends on your taste, really. And your personality. There are a few other considerations about buying a plastic neti pot or a different kind.

Do You Have a Favorite Neti Pot?

If so, what is your favorite type of neti pot?

See results

Plastic Neti Pot Pros

  • Plastic neti pots are usually cheaper to buy than ceramic neti pots or neti pots made from other materials.
  • Plastic neti pots won't break if you drop them. This actually is a very important factor. Many people break their pretty ceramic neti pots on a hard tile bathroom or kitchen floor. A ceramic neti pot may even break if dropped on a hardwood floor.
  • Most plastic neti pots are dishwasher safe. But you have to check the packaging. Some aren't. This makes for easy cleaning and disinfecting of your plastic neti pot.
  • Plastic neti pots are great for travel, as long as you pack them correctly. They are light. You don't have to worry about breaking them like ceramic neti pots. Never take a ceramic neti pot through an airport! You will have a ceramic jigsaw puzzle in your luggage when you get to your destination.

Plastic Neti Pot Cons

  • Let's face it. Plastic neti pots look cheap. They usually have ugly seam lines. Aesthetically speaking, other neti pots look much nicer than plastic neti sinus pots.
  • Plastic neti nasal pots are usually lower quality made than ceramic or other neti pots made from nicer materials. My first neti pot actually cut my finger. The inside edge on the opening was that sharp.
  • As mentioned before, some plastic neti pots aren't dishwasher safe. A lot of people don't pay attention to the label. They throw their plastic neti sinus pot into the dishwasher. When the dishwasher is finished, all that is left of the neti pot is a melted plastic mess.
  • Plastic neti pots are great for travel IF you don't pack them so that they get smashed. Ask how I know!
  • A plastic neti pot will not last forever. Eventually you will probably have to replace it. After lots of use, plastic nasal pots may start to crack at the seams or start eroding from the saltwater neti pot solution.

Other Uses for a Neti Pot

If for whatever reason, you decide that you don't want to use your neti pot for nasal irrigation, you can always use it as a small waterer for your plants. It's actually perfect for that, too!

But if you bite the bullet and decide to try a neti pot for allergies or sinus relief, I don't think that you will quit using it regularly.

Other than sinus and allergy relief and sinus infections, neti pots are also a useful treatment for colds.

Plastic Neti Pot Pros and Cons Comments

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love my ceramic Neti Pot. I try to use plastic only when necessary. If you still are using a plastic Neti pot check this article out.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi Emerald,

      Thank you for replying. Thanks for your comments in regard to Vitamin C. I have yet to reach saturation point then. I too have very dark circles under my eyes. I have a very light skin complexion, yet the circles under my eyes are the color of cocoa. I wear makeup when going out to combat the stark difference in the colors. I have also found that many cosmetics only add to the problem. Last month I started using Sheer Cover. It has helped tremendously without adding any negative effects!

      I was trying to not go back to the Dr and do the shots plus allergy pills, weekly. I recently started taking garlic pills also. I will give this a few months to see if there is a difference...

      Thank a lot for the link!

      God bless,


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Celia, in regards to your question about vitamin C dosage, take as much as you need to feel better. Space it out evenly through the day for most effective results. The book Doctor Yourself by Dr Andrew Saul is great and his website is a full of valuable information.

      He talks a lot about vitamin C, and recommends to take it until you reach "saturation" (loose bowels). There have been days I have taken 40g (that's no a typo- I've taken 40 tablets of 1000mg vitamin C). For allergies and nasal congestion I buy vitamin C with bioflavonoids, I buy the Natural Factors brand. Hope this helps!

      I have very dark circles under my eyes. The vitamin C helps with congestion but I have yet to solve the dark circle mystery. I sleep 8-9 hours a night, I have done many food allergy tests and have eliminated anything that I reacted to ( bananas, blueberries, cranberries, eggs, sesame, coffee beans), I have gone dairy free and gluten free too and I eat extremely well. I guess neti pots are next to try! Thanks for the information!

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      I have recently discovered that vitamin C is good for allergies. Today I noticed your comment about using 'huge doses' of Vitamin C. Could you tell me/us how much you are using? I'm taking 2500-3000 a day and have noticed some difference but not as much as I was hoping. My biggest problem is eyes running water was so bad (before the vitamin C + neti pot) that I hated going to the store b/c people would stop me thinking I was crying. Although now it's not running constantly there is a drip which requires me to keep an Kleenex in my hand whenever I go out.

      I will await your reply :)

      God bless

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I was alarmed when I read the title "Pros and Cons of Neti Pot usage". I've been using a Neti pot for a few years to quell sinus pain and congestion (it works wonders, and quickly too), and I never thought there would be a "con" to them. However, after reading your article, if all I have to worry about are the cons listed for plastic neti pots, then I have it made! Awesome article, thanks for posting!

    • D.Virtual.Doctor profile image

      Funom Theophilus Makama 

      9 years ago from Europe

      a very very very useful hub, this is more than just been interesting. I am also an advocate of natural medicine has it has lesser side effects and most atimes proves to be more effective. This is a rare information and I do not think people in this part of the world where I live 9Eastern Europe) really know about this. I will find out more and see how it could help. Thanks a lot and its such a great hub. Cheers!



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