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Plastic Surgery

Updated on March 19, 2015

Many times I wonder what Sir Thomas was thinking of when he coined the maxim "beauty is only skin deep" women and men alike seem to have taken this idiom quite literally, if looking beautifully and attractive is anything to go by then you wont be shocked at the number of people who have consulted and procured plastic surgeries in order to look beautiful, attractive and youthful.

The question is to what extent would you go in order to look youthful and shed off the extra fat?

Having a Buggy belly, could Tummy tuck be a solution?

Have you desired that elusive flat tummy? The amount of calories you intake is probably one reason for the excess fat in the lower abdomen. The tummy tuck which is the surgical procedure of removing the extra fat from the abdomen to achieve a firm and flat belly could is an option when the exercises just don’t seem to pull the magic.

Inadequate balance of calories in taken over time and lack of exercise could simply mean that you will have to spend about 3 weeks away from strenuous maneuvers after a tummy tuck operation. Much of the first few days after the operation will be spent on bed rest to relax the abdominal muscles and the skins and your diet will mainly consist fluids especially juices. The aging process which causes the abdominal muscle to sag has also been identified as another cause in excess belly fat especially in women for which the diminishing level of estrogen has been to blame.

Success of such a procedure will be dependent on a well laid out plan by any person contemplating doing the tummy tuck. For starters, most of the health insurance providers will not cover this procedure since it doesn’t fall under the necessary ones or may not present any threats. This means you will most certainly cover the bill from your own funds. Recovery time is also very essential as one will spend the initial days resting and recovering, time spent will be dependent on the extent of the surgery.

In as much as bodies react differently, there is usually a swelling after the tummy tuck which is attributed to the body’s reaction in attempt to rid itself of unwanted elements like dead cells and pathogens. The swelling may at times be followed by the discharge of some pus. The swelling however is part of the healing and repairs to the damages caused by the tummy tucks.

Could you be the right candidate for a Mommy make over?

The women of today have not shied away from the post pregnancy corrective procedures of plastic surgery, commonly referred to as mommy make over. These surgical procedures may involve one or combination of the following; tummy tuck breast lifts and liposuction. The main aim of these procedures is to bring back the youthful and juvenile appearances possessed by women right before pregnancy.

Pregnancy has the drastic result which negatively affects the size and shape of the body often manifesting itself in flabby stomach skin and saggy breasts for which many women have opted for mommy make over. It is easily understandable the level of influence the shape and size of the women’s bodies has on their self esteem and confidence, reason for which many are willing to take their chances to restore their once glamorous looks. The procedures involved often form the last option when the others have not improved their looks.

Could every woman be qualified for the procedures involved herein? It remains a matter of personal choice as well as being qualified by the surgeons to undergo a mommy make over often based on the prevailing medical condition and health status of the women contemplating these procedures. Being in a good state of health is a sure plus in pursuit of the rejuvenation however, there are apparent risks that are much more pronounced when you choose to do a combination of the procedures in one session of surgery.

Our sub-conscience has this popular misconception that the surgical procedure undergone during this process is specifically meant for the women who have had pregnancies. Mommy make over can be undertaken by any woman as long as you have no intentions of have any more babies. Women taking care of little kids who may not have all the time to rest and heal maybe highly be discouraged since they will need on average a time frame of nearly four weeks to heal and be able to handle strenuous chores.

During the initial visits to the plastic surgeon, you will have to go through medical examinations to ascertain that there are no preexisting conditions that would bar you from getting the mommy make over procedure, at this point you should be able to discuss with the surgeon areas of concern from where the surgeon will come up with the layout based on what you want addressed, the procedure maybe be a combination of two or more surgeries.

The cost of doing the undergoing a these surgical procedure usually vary for place to place, one clear fact is that most insurance providers do not provide cover for the costs applicable herein since they are not essential, however for reduction of large breasts resulting into pains on the back and neck areas maybe be covered especially if the procedure is to eliminate the pains.

Is Breast lifts a Risk worth pursuing?

A greater number of women experience changes in the shapes of their breasts as a result of the aging process, breast feeding and even gravitational pull. Breast lifts also referred to as mastopexy is a procedure that restores the shape of the breasts by removing the extra skins and firmly fastening the tissues. For the women who prefer larger breast this procedure could involve inserting implants into the breasts.

Anybody who chooses to pursue this kind of surgical operations opts to know and appreciate some of the risks that surround Breast lifts. For starters, it falls under cosmetic surgery for which most insurance providers do not provide cover unless it is a mastectomy surgery which involves the removal of the whole breasts as a cancer treatment procedure.

When it comes to choosing which the ways to go and which type to choose from, there are four types of breast lifts. The choice for the most appropriate type will be determined by the desired outcome; extremely drooping breasts may opt for the anchor lift, the crescent lift only removes a crescent of skin above the nipple and firmly positioning the nipple. The others are the circumareolar lift this is the type where a doughnut shape incision is made on the area surrounding the areola and tissues taken. The last type is known as the lollipop lift sometime referred to as the vertical scar which involves making a lollipop incision inside the breasts.

Decision to go for a breast lift is personal and could be driven by the insatiable desires for a firm and youthful bosom that almost every woman would dream of. However, in the backdrop of the eminent risks, would the breast lift still be worth pursuing at the end of the day?

While visiting the surgeon for the operation you will be taken through the normal procedure detailing what to expect out of it and event sign consent for the procedure. Amongst the risk one stands against include loss of nipple/nipple sensation, irregular breast shapes, cardiac problems, fluid collection and tissue necrosis. You might be ready to face these mentioned risks but are you ready to lose in part or in total the nipple and the areola? How would it be like walking about with breast without symmetry? How about the possibility of going for a series of corrective surgeries afterwards? These are grim reality situations that our sisters and mums face when they append their consent signatures.

These surgeries for the breast lifts can be procured at any age and stage of your life including before or after getting pregnant and you will still be able to continue lactating. However, it’s important to note that the healing process takes some time during which you will not be expected to carry heavy things, avoid drinking and smoking as the healing takes place.


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