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Play with your kids and get in Shape

Updated on April 25, 2016

Lunch at the Buffet

Have you found it difficult to get in shape? Hard to motivate yourself? I don't want to offend anyone, but I went to a buffet for lunch with my kids today. The first time in a long time for us. I prefer healthy home cooked meals, fruits, vegetables and the occasional treat. Here's the part that may be offensive... As I looked around I realized why the US has the obesity problem it does today. I was saddened as I noticed that the majority of the other customers were not just a few pounds overweight, but morbidly obese. I understand we all have different body compositions and have different biological makeups. However, we aren't doing ourselves any good by devouring the buffet knowing we have thyroid issues or that we don't exercise like we should. This got me thinking about my plans later on in the day with my 2 boys. We were going to a fun park full of bouncy houses, jungle gyms and mazes.

This was great news because I was going to spend lots of time with my kids. Then, I realized i had been so busy that I didn't get to work out, run or do anything that required much physical activity besides walking around a department store. But then, as we arrived at our "fun" destination, I noticed another trend and I also came up with a way to get my workout for the day.

Fun at the Local Playscape

Again, as I looked around I saw most parents just sat down while their kids ran off to the bouncy houses and jungle gyms, etc. Parents were allowed on these, specially the ones for the younger kids, so that they could properly monitor them. While the other parents took a break from parenting (which is very understandable, it takes up much of our energy) and let their kids run off and play on their own while they sat back and talked among each other, I took off my shoes and joined my youngest in the bouncy house. We jumped, ran, laughed and had a great time. I also realized that I was breathing a little heavier than normal. I was getting my exercise and spending quality time with my 4 year old son! What do you know? Nurturing and sharing a healthy activity that hopefully he will be able to appreciate one day.

I wasn't done there! The fun was just beginning. My 4 year old was ready to head over to the jungle gym or playscape may be the better description. It was full of steps to climb, ropes for swinging and slides for, what else but sliding? I must have been chasing him for 20 minutes up and down this place for 20 or 30 minutes. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Got a great cardio workout too. And it wasn't some crazy routing you see on t.v. while watching those infomercials. I am guilty of having some of those fitness programs. P90X and Insanity have worked great for me, but they are high intensity and not for everyone. The only 2 products I own and they got me back into fitness after a period of having neglected my health. I wasn't done though. Next, my 12 year old came over to join us after he had finished a few rounds of laser tag. And the fun was on again.

The Bottom Line

But you don't need Insanity or P90X. You do need to play with your kids! I joke with my oldest that as soon as he graduates high school, he has the summer to be out of our house. It's not entirely a lie. He has options... but while I have him, I will spend as much time as I can because I know that he will be out of our home before I know it and I don't want to waste the time we have together.

Spend time with your kids. Go outside. Run with them Toss a football, baseball, frisbee or play in the park with them. You will create great memories that you will all remember and you will live a healthier lifestyle by doing so. Don't just take your kids to the park and watch. Not only do you not get anything out of it fitness wise, but it's a wasted opportunity to spend some real time with your kids.

So, this was my first hub... hopefully not my last. I hope I was able to inspire some to get active. There are so many ways to do so. Why not be active while also spending time with your kids and helping to shape them into the individuals they will become?

Nature Walk in the Smokies

Fun with Aerobie Pro Ring

Aerobie 13" Pro Ring - Set of 3 (Colors may vary)
Aerobie 13" Pro Ring - Set of 3 (Colors may vary)

Very fun. You should try this in an open area such as a park or at the beach



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    • Jonathan Vallejo profile image

      Jon 5 years ago from DuPont, Washington

      Thank you very much. I definitely enjoyed writing that very short piece.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice hub and a great reminder to everyone to take up some physical activity to remain in shape and keep health problems at bay.

      Welcome to HubPages.....and wish you all the best here. Happy hubbing.


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