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Best Pole Dancing Shoes. Dance in Comfortable Foot Wraps. Look Beyond High Heels,Stilettos and Bare Feet

Updated on June 22, 2012

The right shoes are an essential part of pole dancing for fitness or performance. Most discussions of pole dancing shoes focus on two main types: high heels and bare feet. Heels help improve posture present a more elegant appearance. Bare feet provide traction and agility for complex moves.

Stilettos and bare feet are not the end-all, be-all of pole dancing footwear. Traditional dance outfitters provide a variety of footwear solutions for all floor types and personal dance preferences.

The Right Feet for the Right Floor

Bare feet work great on the smooth hardwood floors of most dance studios, but they're less effective on linoleum, carpet or (the much-dreaded) painted basement concrete.

For active dancers, bare feet on linoleum can stick or drag, particularly as activity levels increase and feet begin to sweat a bit. A similar effect may arise on tile, with the additional annoyance of grout line abrasions along the ball of the foot.

Carpet is a comfortable dance surface, but sweeping moves like catch-spins can leave rug-burn abrasions on the bottom of the foot.

Concrete floors are the absolute worst, as they're rarely smooth and attract bits of basement dust and grime.

The Solution? Lyrical Dance Footwear

Partial-foot dance footwear are a great solution for pole dancers who want protection over the ball of the foot, without the encumbrance of a full shoe.

Half-sole lyrical dance footwear wraps around the toes like a thong sandal, and securely covers the ball of the foot. These "shoes" come in a variety of different colors and styles, with varying degrees of cushioning. The most cushioned varieties include a reinforced bottom or even embedded gel pads to soften landings and reduce friction from transition moves like under-the-arm pirouettes or the ever-popular catch-spin.

Fuller coverage versions include an ankle strap for a snug fit or completely open toes for better grip and breathability.

Best of all, lyrical dance shoes come in a variety of colors. The adorable Footundeez line from Capezio is shaped like miniature underoos, and comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns.

Even when you're dancing in boring gym shorts or a sports bra, you can jazz up your outfit with a fun pair of footsies.


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