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Answers To FAQ's When Pole Dancing For Exercise

Updated on January 10, 2014
What Is Pole Fitness Dancing?
What Is Pole Fitness Dancing? | Source

If you are thinking about learning how to pole dance for exercise, then here are some answers to frequently asked questions that will help get started and save you a tone of time.

First of all, pole fitness dancing is geared towards athletic performance and not towards stripping. In many pole fitness studios across the country, men and woman alike are ditching the heels and dancing in bare feet. Just like any real fitness class, you need sturdy footing in order to move with proper form. High heels are not only awful for women’s backs, they can inhibit or make advanced pole tricks dangerous to perform.

So when you think of pole fitness dancing, think of exercise with lots of core and upper body strength, dance (particularly ballet), and sexy moves all tied into one combination.

It is fun, flirty and outrageously fun.

When you first starting learning how to pole dance, you will encounter these areas of concern first;

What pole should I buy for use in my home?

  • There are many poles for sale out there, both name brand and non-name brand including x-poles, Lil Mynx poles, Carmen Electra Poles, and generics all over EBay and more. What pole you choose will depend on your budget, your intended use, and installation needs.
  • You will always want a sturdy pole no matter how you use it so be cautious of cheap poles made in China off EBay. There are sturdy off brand poles that come from China but you have to know what to look for in a better made pole. Most of them are risky. I have had the metal warp, the chrome chip off, and the bearings freeze in spinning mode – all instances you don’t want to deal with as a beginner.
  • Name brand poles such as x-pole and Lil Mynx are definitely well made, however they are expensive and for the average woman just wanting to have a fun way to exercise in her home, this may be too much of an initial investment. A good sturdy off brand pole is a low risk way to get started to see if pole fitness dancing is your cup of tea.
  • In addition to sturdiness, you will have to choose between a permanent install and a removable install. Of course permanent is best, but removable or “portable poles” that are installed correctly are very safe. I have used off brand removable poles in my pole fitness studio for 3 years. Many students are inverting and I have had no mishaps.

My hands are slipping, will that improve and what should I do about it?

  • Nervousness can make your hands sweat a lot at first. Also, your hand muscles need a little time to build in order to get a tighter grip on the pole. There are grip powders (some that even contain an antiperspirant) that work great to improve the grips for beginners up through advanced levels. This will be an investment you will want to get when you buy your first pole.

I don’t feel sexy, I feel awkward, and how can I feel sexy so I can dance sexy?

  • It is very common for women to feel like a dork at fist on the pole! After all, that’s what pole dancing is about, it teaches you to feel sexy again. Give yourself the time and space to learn new ways to move. Over time you will relax, confidence will increase and know that everyone else in class (regardless of their size) feels the same way.

I am not a dancer, how can I learn to move like one?

  • Dancing is a learned skill. Ballet is the best training you can get on the side to prepare you for pole dancing in a graceful way. There are certain elements of form and body positioning that dancers use to look the way they do on the dance floor.
  • Dancers are taught skills, not born that way. While some people have natural talent and ability in their favor, everyone can learn to hear the music and sway their body to a beat. Again, give yourself time to learn.

This is harder than I thought, how can I build strength so I can advance my pole skills?

  • There are plenty of exercises you can to do improve strength for pole dancing, however, as a teacher; I have found that the best and most effective ones are pull ups on the pole and plié’s in ballet class.

What can I wear on my feet if I don’t want to go barefoot?

  • Foot Undeez are a common dancer shoe and work great for pole work. Knee pads are beneficial as well when learning too by the way. Over time your feet will adjust to the turning, but if you simply can’t wait, try a dance sandal.

Pole Fitness dancing is for everyone at any pant size. It’s emotionally uplifting, fun, exciting and of course … one of the best ways to get in the best shape of your life. Give it a try!

And don’t forget to leave me your comments below, I will respond to help as best I can!


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    • profile image

      Katie (Polekat) 

      4 years ago

      ''A good sturdy off brand pole is a low risk way to get started to see if pole fitness dancing is your cup of tea.''

      This is INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS advice; I hope no-one has acted on it. I'm sorry to be so negative, but you should NEVER encourage someone to buy a cheap off-brand pole. The X-Pole, Platinum Stages and Lil Mynx poles are more expensive for a reason!! YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER USE A CHEAP POLE - they can be very dangerous - it is VERY high risk!! If you are not sure if you will like pole or not try it at a reputable studio where safety will be paramount - then save up for a professional pole which will keep you safe. Don't waste your time or money or jeopardise your health with a cheaper option. Pole dancing is dangerous enough without encouraging people to take stupid unnecessary risks!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I am looking online for a pole that is portable, sturdy, and well-made. Other than the Carmen, X-poles, or Lil Mynx, do you have other more affordable pole suggestions for beginners?


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