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Poll: How do you feel about ObamaCare?

Updated on March 20, 2014

So we have had ObamaCare for some time now. Personally, it did not really have much impact on me because I am still using the same old insurance provided by my employer. However, due to the start of ObamaCare, my premium did go up. Is this good or bad? Well, to be honest I am not sure yet. I was hoping you would provide an opinion.

I am not that much into politics, however, when it comes to my money and healthcare I do get worried. I am not a part of the super rich minority unfortunately, so I end up having to count every penny. How has ObamaCare changed your medical care experience? Are things better or worse?

Now I am thinking about quitting my job and possibly going into business for myself. This means I will no longer have insurance provided by my company and I will have to possibly rely on ObamaCare or else pay a fine. I am considering the latter. I get the feeling that insurance may still end up being too expensive for me to afford at that point.

I guess overall it sounds like a good idea to make insurance affordable for everyone. However, is it really affordable for everyone now? Let us hope that everything settles down and that eventually I will be able to use ObamaCare to see any specialist I choose.


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