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Polymyalgia on Cold Rainy Days

Updated on October 8, 2009

Waking up with rain and pain can be challenging. I have polymyalgia rheumatic a chronic condition of inflammation of blood cells. I've named my domain polymyalgia to lessen the negativity that goes along with the concept of the word. I'm observing how rain effects the pain associated with this condition.

It's been raining all day starting in the "wee" hours of the night. Sleep was broken with trips to the bathroom. To get out of bed, required the assistance of my husband. Along with the pain, I would cramp, swell, and stiffen. With lots of moaning and groaning, I successfully got out of bed with his help three times during the rainy night.

A local reporter just gave the symptoms of the flu: chills, fever and body aches. The very same symptoms in addition to others were exlperienced during my painful evening of sleep. As the temperature dropped lower that 50 degrees, unawaringly I battled the chills that cramped my muscles.

A couple of months ago, I started the decrease in the number of Prednisone pills I took daily. With a goal to get off the reliance of this steroid, I decreased my dosage by one pill every two to three weeks from 4 to 3; 3 to 2, and now 2 to 1. Taking one pill daily for the past 4 days has been a challenge. I'm feeling the symptoms of the "poly..." and the withdrawal effects of the Prednisones. I need to unmask what the Prednisones are doing to improve or worsen the condition, plus the additional symptoms associated with the pills.

To increase my nutritional intact, two months ago I started taking vitamins C, D, E, Calcium, Fish Oil, and Folic Acid. These added nutrients have made a difference in my health. I hope they have improved my blood cells. It's been a month and a half since I went to the lab for a blood test. I will go back in two weeks.

I've done a lot of online research on this condition and have talked to others in my age bracket. According to the only treatment for "poly... " is Prednisone. With consistent intake of the pills chances are great to cure the condition in one to four years. The drawback is how long one can tolerate the symptoms of the Prednisones.. In sharing with family and friends in my age bracket, 50-70, most of them have arthritis and suffer with pain in their joints. The difference in my pain is from inflamed blood cells throughout the muscles in my body. There's stiffness that's crippling, and slow connection with my mind to physical movement.

I'm "caught between a rock and a hard place." Endure the pain in the rain or suffer from the effects of downing the pills which could kill. Prayer is the answer to this complex situation. I have a direct line to our Father. Above all else, I will look to Him for answers and depend on His will to be fulfilled.


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