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Pomegranate: Fruit for Health

Updated on August 14, 2014
The color speaks for its vitality
The color speaks for its vitality | Source

Pomegranates are on every shelf in the market in different forms

Pomegranates boost health: A hype or reality

With in past few years pomegranates got too much fame as fruits for health and vitality. As a result food and cosmetic companies started to sell products that had either pomegranate juice, pulp, essence, fragrance or in any other form. It has been said by the marketers that pomegranates help reduce weight so it was also found in weight loss medicines. Log on to eBay or amazon and you will find plenty of products related to food, cosmetics, personal hygiene and fitness that contain pomegranates in one or other form. Then herbal medicines too are using pomegranates extracts to fight against cancer and other such diseases. Many of the studies have been conducted to find out the effectiveness of pomegranates in fighting against many diseases.

Nutritional Value of Pomegranates:

Pomegranates contain many essential nutrients along with other phytochemicals and dietary fiber. It contains a certain combination of nutrients that help maintain good health. In recent years nutritionist and doctors suggest that a person who eat pomegranates or its juice in his routine will have less chances of suffering from many diseases in long run. It is said that pomegranates have cure for diseases like cancer, heart diseases, general infections, diabetes and many more. Following is the list of nutrients that are present in pomegranates.

dietary fiber 0.6 gm

carbohydrate (fructose) 17 gm

fats (unsaturated) 0.3 gm

protein 0.95 gm

vitamin B1 0.03 mg

vitamin B2 0.06 mg

vitamin B3 0.3 mg

vitamin B9 6 μg

vitamin C 6 mg

calcium 3 mg

magnesium 3 mg

iron 0.3 mg

potassium 259 mg

Health Benefits of Pomegranates:

Pomegranates are associated with many helath benefits. Some of them are as follows.

Pomegranates are recognized as super food and thus they help in fighting against many diseases.

It contains many antioxidants and therefore it is helpful in reducing chances of getting suffered from cancer.

It lowers blood cholesterol and reduces heart stroke and other problems associated with heart.

It is also good for your stomach and its normal functioning.

Eating pomegranates after meal will help digest food better.

It also improves bowl functioning.

Latest Researches about Pomegranates:

Porter J., in The Sun reported that 215 new pomegranate beverages and other products have been introduced in the market in 2006 while in previous years the number was no more than 93. More people are willing to pay for these products as they are unveiling the health benefits associated with pomegranates.

Seeram N., in a study found that pomegranates rises prostate specific antigens and thus have positive effects for prostate cancer patients.

Professor Naughton and researchers form School of Life Sciences discovered that pomegranate can work efficiently for fighting against common infections but its infection healing properties can be improved by fortifying it with metal salts and vitamin C.

Pomegranate Products Commercially Available:

Various companies are producing products that contain pomegranates in one form or other.

Tooth Pastes have been prepared that contain pomegranate extracts. They are said to have anti-cavity effects and are also good on gums.

In skin-care products too it could be easily found. Its anti-wrinkles, anti-aging effects revitalizes and nourishes skin. Some companies claim that it prevents hair color oxidation.

Pomegranate juice is very enriching. Some researches say that its juice contain more antioxidants than the whole fruit does. Pomegranate juice is readily available in different brands.

Pomegranate weight loss medicines are also available in the market. They have great flavor and are effective in weight loss too.


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