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Pool Therapy is Great Rehabilitation

Updated on July 20, 2012
lifemark therapists work with clients to reteach basic movements
lifemark therapists work with clients to reteach basic movements | Source

The Accident & Damage

May 6th, 2011, I totalled my new Vespa scooter, hitting the new boulevard with with fresh flowers and trees soon to be the cushion that would save us - I hoped. I felt my hip snap as I went down, quickly I pulled my helmet off, but I fell back down, couldn't move. I called to my girl, "don't move, you'll be alright everything will be fine just don't move, someone will come to help soon". Quickly we were being lovingly taken care of by strangers who we will never meet again. The firemen moved a tree just before they put me into traction and onto the board; my world was going in slow motion as I listened to the second man on the scene, he stayed with me until I got to the hospital, reassuring me that my daughter was doing great and that I would be ok and I focused on my daughter in the background who had stopped crying and was talking, she was calm - I knew she would be ok.

One shattered femur and broken pelvis later (as well as damage to my left arm and shoulder) meant one surgery that resulted in a rod, a screw and a bolt being placed in the upper thigh to reconnect my femur to the hip - so I would be able to hopefully walk again. Ten days in the hospital then off home to a bed in the living room along with a commode, walkers, medications like tramadol and the land of recovery.

One year is the prognosis of the surgeon. I'll walk again like I did before, one year from the accident - it's going to be a long year. I started off slowly; learning to stand again, getting off and on the toilet, getting dressed, relearning how to shower sitting down, and when I was well enough to get down the stairs and out the door my physio therapist suggested that the best benefit and help for a speedy recovery would be pool therapy. Admittedly, I love the water and to swim, so this kind of therapy was very appealing to me and it has helped me so much, I am grateful it was recommended. My auto insurance and health insurance plans cover the cost completely.

a Good Explanation of the Capabilities of Water Therapy

What is Water Therapy?

Not sure how they were going to get me into the water, in July I went to the Esquimalt Rec Center here in Victoria, BC, and started Pool Therapy with Ryan and physiotherapy with Jay from LifeMark.

First, the pain management aspect of it has been surprisingly helpful. As you slowly walk or get wheeled into the water, as was the case in the beginning, the pressure is lifted from your body; it's a strange and welcome sensation as the pain is relieved. As you float in the water there is freedom in the movement of your joints and limbs that is not allowed on land - and it's pain free. It's quite a shock when you're having a bad time moving around on land (mornings are always the worse for me, I'm stiff from the night and have to really make an effort to make each movement forward) and then you get into the water and are feeling instant relief and mobility. I look forward to it, it's comforting.

water helps with mobiltiy
water helps with mobiltiy | Source

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Physiotherapy is Work

The therapeutic recovery aspect is what I love though. I go to pool therapy 3 times a week. I work with a therapist for 30 minutes and practice for another 60 to 90 minutes. The water let's me push myself physically to degrees that are simply not possible out of the water. The therapists concentrate on helping set limits and new goals, and showing me how to make my body work correctly. As crazy as it sounds, when your body has been through trauma, it forgets how to function. It's like being a child all over again and having to relearn how to get from A to Z. It takes time and practice and the practice that happens in the pool allows my body to stretch itself to its maximum capability and it actually feels good!

I am making amazing progress and I believe it is due to the pool therapy and time I spend working at it. Some days are worse than others though, when I have pushed myself outside the pool. I have a tendency to forget that a rest period is needed and also part of the healing process and sometimes my body just needs a break. The pool is the perfect place for resting because the hot tub loosens my muscles and just lets my body have that break as it allows it to float freely and not have to work or be tense but rebuild.

I will walk again, I believe that now, because I can walk in water...


The information provided in this article is not a substitute or replacement for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician or alternative health care provider before taking any herbal supplements, home remedies, new products or changing your health regime. Even though we are responsible for our own health, we need the guidance of trained professionals.

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