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Popular Alternative Healing Therapies

Updated on October 5, 2015
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Alternative Healing Therapies in New Age

Alternative Healing Therapies in New Age
Alternative Healing Therapies in New Age | Source

Popular New Age Alternative Healing Therapies

Everyone wants to be happy, health and healed.

In the "New Age" movement, there would be a very large number of people who have tried the alternate methods of healing. Equally large number of individuals would be searching for them online or offline. Similarly, there would be a big lot of people who have been benefited – fully or partially and would swear by it.

Alternative Healing Therapies
Alternative Healing Therapies | Source

What are these alternative healing therapies ?

It is quite possible that you would have come across the words such as Reiki, Meditation and a variety of expressions and terms such as Pranic Healing, Chakra Balancing, Healers, Healing Touch, Crystal Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and many more.

As you will read on, you will find that most of these healing practices are based on using energy-channeling to heal, with origin in different times, from diverse cultures and from different geographical locations – both west and the east.

Here are some of them, in brief.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing | Source

1. Reiki

Reiki a form of spiritual healing involves the transfer of energy between healer (Reiki Practitioner) from a universal source of energy and the patient. The principle of Reiki healing is to raise or improve the flow of the patient’s chi, or life-force energy. This helps trigger the body's healing processes.

The connection of mind and body

Reiki is based on the idea to tap the universal energy to heal. The Reiki practitioner is merely a conduit through whom the energy flows into the recipient


2. Acupuncture

China has given the Acupuncture system to the world. Said to have been developed over 3000 years ago, the practitioners claim that acupuncture can cure almost any chronic disease.

The practice of acupuncture is based on piercing through the needle at specific points in the body. It is based on the concept of dividing a human anatomy into various vital pressure points. By puncturing these acupuncture points, the Bio Electricity or Positive Energy (chi) passes freely through the body organs and systems, through the lines called meridians. So long as this current of bio electricity passes through the body, the body remains fit and healthy.

Acupressure | Source

3. Acupressure

Acupressure therapy is almost similar to Acupuncture, but instead of needles , pressure is applied on and around the points on the two palms and soles only. This will send the bio current to the corresponding organ to activate it and bring it back to normal.

The pressure is applied using the thumb or the index finger or a similar shaped object which is not sharp.

After learning properly the Acupressure can be done on self.

Crystal Therapy
Crystal Therapy

4. Crystal Healing / Crystal Work

Crystal therapy uses the “power” present within crystals for healing seven points in the body (represented by seven chakras). Each chakra corresponds with a specific body system and corresponding crystals or stones are used in the treatment.

Crystals are believed to contain the ability to focus and direct psychic energies for healing. This process unblocks the chakras, allowing the energy to flow naturally in the body. This is done to achieve balance within the body.

Meditation | Source

5. Meditation

Science may not yet fully understand how meditation heals, it is believed that meditation may reduce activity in the sympathetic nervous system (which is responsible for increasing heart rate and breathing rate when under stress) and stimulate activity in the nervous system (which is responsible for slowing heart rate and breathing rate).

Meditation working as a potent tonic, may offer many health benefits:

Prevention of Heart Disease

The research reviews published indicate that the practice of meditation may help lower blood pressure, as well as lessen stress. This in turn may help improve heart health and lower the risk for the cardiovascular disease.

Enlightened Budha
Enlightened Budha | Source

Pain Management

Studies have shown that meditation may significantly reduced sensitivity to pain. Also meditation is supposed to help enhance pain management the practice it may increase thickness in certain brain regions involved in regulating pain and emotion.

Meditation may also help ease pain in people with chronic pain-causing conditions, such as fibromyalgia and low back pain.

Better Dealing with Stress and Depression

The powerful and soothing vibrations arising out of the practice of meditation may help improve mood in people with problems such as stress or depression and related issues.

Better Memory

Scientists have discovered that practicing meditation is linked to improvement of memory.

Meditation is a healthy practice; with mental and spiritual links.


AFFIRMATIONS for Healing & Health - in Male Voice with in Background Music

6. Affirmations and Self Hypnosis


Affirmations are positive words or phrases which are repeated to oneself. One of the best examples of a positive affirmation is “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

The affirmation can be read out to one self ore repeated along with a taped voice (self or someone’s). Affirmations are always positive, in a present continuous and definite. For example, “My healing is taking place now”.

When you repeat the affirmations daily for a few minutes, your subconscious accepts this to be true and carries out the instructions without reasoning with you.

Self Hypnosis

This is a method to program the subconscious mind by the person himself or herself.

The subconscious is accessed at alpha level (through progressive relaxation or other method) and then the message is sent through mental images of wellness, health and healing. As mentioned, the subconscious mind does not differentiate between the real and not real. Therefore, by the repetition and high quality of alpha level, the pictures help program our mind to make the body healthy and do a good healing.

The purpose of affirmations and self hypnosis is to tap the power of subconscious mind to help achieve the desired goal.


Aromatherapy | Source
Healing Therapies from Orient
Healing Therapies from Orient | Source

7. AromaTherapy

Aromatherapy is the amazing art of healing through inhaling the essential oil fragrances of flowers, herbs, plants etc. to bring the body into a better state of balance with mind and soul. This therapy is said to improve mood, relieve stress, and relieve nausea, among many other benefits.

Essential oils are aromatic substances, which are extracted from flowers, grass, herbs, aromatic woods, peels of citrus fruits, seeds, leaves, bark, roots—virtually every part of the plant, generally by a process of cold-pressure squeezing or distillation.

Depending on an individual’s need, the practitioner prescribes out of different fragrances, with diverse therapeutic properties and energies to kindle the individual’s immune system and neuro functions.

Used carefully, these aromatherapy oils are one of the gentlest natural healing therapies. When inhaled, the scent molecules are thought to travel inside the nose where they stimulate olfactory nerves and eventually parts of the brain that result in a variety physiological and psychological effects.

8. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT was discovered by Gary Craig, in the mid-90s. It is a kind of tapping acupressure, based on the same energy meridians but without the use of needles. EFT is an easy tapping process on some specific points in the body while you reflect about the definite trouble – whether it is a disturbing emotional experience, a stress or a fear or an addiction, or pain.

EFT considers that negative emotions can cause energy blocks preventing free energy flow, giving birth to various physical and emotional problems. Once the energy block is removed, energy moves freely and the person experiences emotional and physical relief.

Positive Quotes for Enhancing HEALING with Relaxing Music

View of the rationalists about alternate healings

Some groups such as rationalists or scientists do not give any credence to the healing or curative properties of these so called alternative healing methods. They criticize these methods on the ground of lack of scientifically proven effectiveness.

A rationalist, Prof Dawkins says that alternative remedies constitute little more than a "money-spinning, multi-million pound industry that impoverishes our culture and throws up new age gurus who exhort us to run away from reality".

For more please refer to Relationship of Science and Spirituality


The clashes of opinions are inevitable. People are free to choose to the extent that they find them useful.

So take your pick but do a proper research about the therapy and also the therapist.

"Author: Sundeep Kataria"

Let us know your view point please

Do you have interest in alternative healing therapies

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Healing Energies
Healing Energies | Source

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