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Portable Massage Chairs

Updated on May 3, 2011

Portable Massage Chair

The portable massage chair is the ideal for the hope which does not have too much room. Being portable means that it can be folded up in a jiffy and quickly stowed away. It is the perfect solution too foe someone who is running a visiting massage service. It isn’t heavy so is easily carried, stowed away in a car and taken to the venue where the customer is located. The weight of the chairs varies from about 15 lbs upwards and most are designed to cope with a customer weight of up to 300 lbs, though some will go to double that.


It is unfortunate that there are two types of ‘massage chair’ which both go under the same name. There is an electronic massage chair which is sometimes referred to as the Shiatsu Massage Chair in which you sit whilst it vibrates an pummels you. This is not the type of massage chair to which this article refers.

Portable Massage Chair

The massage chair is specifically designed for customers who are looking for a back, neck and shoulder massage. Such a massage is done with the client fully clothed, though in some cases it may be preferable for upper body clothing to be removed, perhaps when some oil or lotion is to be applied. Some chairs are adjustable from a vertical to a horizontal position.


Bearing in mind that the massage chair will be in use by a number of different customers it should be adjustable, easily cleaned, sturdy and transportable. Most manufacturers of massage chairs are able to supply them in a range of colours and slightly varying styles. The Portable Massage chair will often be supplied with its own special bag for stowage and transport.


More robust models are available for those which have a more permanent base in a massage parlour. Lighter models are especially made for students and for teachers and those attending lectures or conventions. The portable massage chair is an ideal and useful prop for any massage parlour as a 'stand in'. As it is purpose designed it can help give the best of neck and shoulder massages.


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