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The Best Portable Water Filter

Updated on June 16, 2011

The best portable water filter

Most of us take water for granted. It is there when we turn the tap on, or bottled in the corner shop or to be drawn from the well at the bottom of the garden. Water is all around us, and most of the time it is safe to drink. This need not necessarily always be the case. Without water we can only survive a few days at most. With polluted water we may not even see the day out.

Hopefully it will never happen but war, earthquake, flood, pollution and disaster can interrupt our access to potable water. We need to be ready. Most people have at one time experienced an interruption in electricity supply. As a result there will be candles somewhere in the house. There will always be a few cans of food in the cupboard too. But water? The staff of life. It is what we need most.

When things go wrong it may well be a case of 'Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink'. We need to be ready for that eventuality, just in case. A good portable water filter should be there in the cupboard alongside the candles and cans of beans.

Aqua Safe Straw

The AquaSafe Straw is the perfect solution to water pollution problems. One of these stored away for each member of the family as insurance against a time when clean drinking water is not available.

Each AquaSafe straw will filter up to 500 litres of water, enough to last one person for approximately nine months. You could even save money by giving up bottled water altogether and rely entirely on your Aquastraw to drink all your water.

Whereas the Aquastraw Portable Water Filter is an ideal backup for times of disaster it is also an essential for travelers going to countries where water quality is of concern. The AquaStraw takes up no room at all and be easily carried.

The AquaStraw will remove 99.999% of bacteria from any water you drink. You can safely drink from any creek or stream.

Look on the AquaStraw as good sensible insurance. Keep one at home. Every backpacker, camper or traveler should have one with them. Just in case. The AquaSafe Straw makes sense. The Best Portable Water Filter you can buy.

Right now governments are looking at the Aquastraw Portable Water Filter as an easier, quicker and cheaper way to ensure that people in disaster zones can be assured of drinking safe clean water.

You can learn more or purchase yours today just by clicking here on

The AquaStraw Portable Water Filter

Don't forget to purchase one for each member of the family.



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