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How to Choose the Best Portable Infrared Sauna Heater

Updated on March 3, 2010

There are four customary types of sauna heaters: wood, gas, electric, and infrared. Nowadays, the infrared technology is gaining the most popularity. But since it’s the latest, there’s still a lot you should know on how to choose the best portable infrared sauna heater for you. So, listed here are the things you must consider in choosing portable infrared sauna heaters.
You need:
internet for online research
a budget of $250-$750

1.    Survey the selection. There are plenty of portable sauna manufacturers around. The first thing you need to consider is to look around and see the different models that each manufacturer has and which products you can purchase, may it be within your area or online.
2.    Check what kind of infrared it uses. Other than knowing that it is portable and that it uses the infrared technology, you have to learn about the kind of infrared it uses. There are three types of infrared: the near infrared, mid infrared, and far infrared. Just remember that far infrared sauna heaters are known to have the greatest health benefits compared to near and mid infrared.
3.    Choose the ones that have concave ceramic elements. Infrared sauna heaters may come in rod-shaped or concave ceramic. The ceramic system is known to be more beneficial than rod heaters. You can save up to 96% of energy with ceramic systems while for heaters using rod elements the probable efficiency ratio is 50%.
4.    Learn about the controls.  There are some portable infrared heaters that are remote controlled, automatic, and/or manually controlled. Choose what you think is the most beneficial to you. Some automatic heaters limits the heat emitted that it may not give the results you desire. So, it is also good to have a heater that you can control manually to match your preference.
5.    Ask about its maintenance and warranty. Most portable infrared sauna heaters are not high maintenance. But you still have to know how much maintenance it requires especially if you’ll be using it regularly. 
There are lots of portable infrared sauna heaters manufacturers that are now emerging in the market. But in choosing the best portable infrared sauna, it may be better to check the ones that are more reputable. Although there are still some small manufacturers that produce high quality heaters, you may want to invest to the one that you can be more assured of.


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