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Guaranteed Effective Methods to Have a Baby Girl-Positions You Should Try

Updated on November 14, 2017

There are positions that can actually let you have the baby girl you have always wanted. It may sound funny, but it is true. The rationale has to do with the characteristic of the X and Y chromosomes, which are both present in the male body.

How Does Positions Affect Baby Gender?

A man releases X and Y chromosomes during an ejaculation. When one of these chromosomes unites with the ova inside a woman, a baby will develop. If it is the X chromosome that gets to the egg first, you will get pregnant with a girl, but if it is the Y chromosome, you will have a baby boy.

The chromosomes will have to swim their way to the egg. The egg will wait in the fallopian tube for 24 to 48 hours. The X chromosomes are slow swimmer. Imagine what will happen if the egg is just a short distance from the starting line. You are right—the Y chromosomes will just outrun the X chromosomes, and reach the egg first.

So how do you turn the tables on the X chromosomes, and increase your chances of getting pregnant with a girl? The X chromosomes have longer survival period than the Y chromosomes. You can lengthen the distance between the egg and the chromosomes, and allow the Y chromosomes to perish before they even get halfway through. With shallow positions, the chromosomes are released just around the opening of the vagina, making it almost impossible for the Y chromosomes to survive the race. This will also work best when combined with other techniques to have a baby girl.

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Positions to Have a Baby Girl

Shallow positions are better achieved with the woman on the driver seat. The woman should control the depth of the penetration to prevent the Y chromosomes from hitting the goal first. Listed below are a few positions to have a baby girl.

  • Position 1 – The man lies on his back and bends his knees towards his chest. The woman faces the man, and squats on top of him so that her thighs are clasping his.
  • Position 2 – The woman lies flat on her stomach, legs together. The man lies on top of her, facing her back. The woman keeps her thighs together as the man penetrates her.
  • Position 3 - Both partners lie on their sides, knees bent, and bodies pressed together. The man enters her from behind.
  • Position 4 - Partners sit facing each other, legs forward. The man puts his right leg over her left leg, and then his left leg over her right. The man pushes his pelvis forward to enter.
  • Position 5 - The woman lies on her back. The man straddles her, face on her feet; she on his derriere. She lifts her legs and wraps them around his back to lift her pelvis.

TIP: You can also make your body kinder to the X chromosomes by changing your diet. Foods that are highly acidic allow the X chromosomes to outlive the Y chromosomes. Together with shallow positions, this method will better raise the odds of getting pregnant with a girl.

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