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Positive Weight Loss

Updated on June 4, 2014

Why it can be hard to lose weight

There are a lot of people who want to lose weight and many will begin a day or a week determining in their conscious mind what they will and won’t eat. They may also make plans about the exercise they will do. Then the day or week begins and somehow all those good intentions seem to fly out of the window. You may wonder why but often it is because of the unconscious beliefs they may have and from these some subconscious messages are generated.

In fact there can be a lively conversation, if not a full blown argument taking place between your conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs. If you would like to read more about generalisations from a Neuro-Linguistic programming point of view check out the link below.

The internal scripts

Often the thought cycle goes something like this

  • I hate myself
  • I’m ashamed of my weight
  • I hate the way I look
  • I’ve tried before
  • I’ll never lose weight
  • I’m hopeless

and so the cycle starts again

But lots of people find it is very hard to move out of this cycle. So as much as the conscious part of their brain wants to lose weight – hence the determination they make – their subconscious belief is that they will
not achieve this and so sabotages the plan with thoughts like –

“Go on you might as well”

“You’ll never manage to lose weight”

“You’ve been overweight for ages”

“You’re bound to fail”

“No point in trying really”

I imagine this rings bells for some people. But the important thing is to realise that you can change – you don’t have to be a slave to these internal motivators anymore.

Conflicting thoughts

Conflicting thoughts can make you feel negative
Conflicting thoughts can make you feel negative | Source

Top Tips

Shop ahead to make sure you have the right foods in the fridge and cupboards to reduce temptation

Make food look as well as taste appetising

Take time eating and concentrate on your food

It’s a good time to try a few new foods or new ways of cooking food

Get support from friends – tell them you are losing weight

Allow yourself one small luxury each day

Drink plenty of water, keep alcohol as a treat and limit sweet fizzy drinks

Try some herbal teas for a change

Get motivated each day by reminding yourself of your goals

If you do have a bad day – don’t beat yourself up – the next day is fresh start

Challenging the untruths

In other areas of life what do you do when faced with lies? Well most people would challenge them.

So the first step is to just assert a few truths about weight.

You can lose weight because everyone can lose weight.

Even if you have been overweight for a long time you still can lose weight.

You can change the way you eat.

You can eat less however accustomed you are to eating more than you need, you can change.

You can exercise, even if you haven’t done any for years you can start now.

No one forces you to eat particular types or amounts of food, as an adult you make decisions about what, when and how much you will eat.

Sometimes it is worth just reading or saying these a few times and asking yourself is this true. If you find yourself bombarded with thoughts to the contrary then you will have an indication of the internal belief system you have that has maybe prevented you from being able to lose weight in the past. That can then become your starting point – are those beliefs true and if not why on earth are you allowing them to influence you?

Healthy eating is vital

Make sure food looks appetising
Make sure food looks appetising | Source

Fear of Change

However I am not for a moment suggesting that change is easy. It is not unusual to be nervous about change. After all some people will have held beliefs like those above for almost all of their lives. There may be other beliefs too – a belief that food can make you happy, a belief that food helps you manage stress or that it is a family norm to be overweight. Then there may be all the worries about change, everything from what if I need new clothes, to will my friends change, will my partner still want me. For people who have been overweight for a number of years it is part of their identity and it can be a daunting prospect that this will change.

But for those who want to change and are serious about losing weight it is possible to change your mind set.


Tapping is an Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a powerful therapeutic tool that can be used to release emotions and limiting beliefs. Tapping, also known as energy meridian therapy involves using the fingers to tap on some of the acupressure points throughout the body while verbally affirming certain choices or emotions. The contention is that this can re balance the flow of energy through the meridians of the body which may have been disrupted by negative emotions and beliefs. If you’d like to find out more visit the website below.

Although a relatively new therapy it is helping a lot of people with a wide range of issues from physical pain to phobias, low self-esteem to addictions and many others as well.

Tapping for a positive mind set

How can tapping help with weight loss

In order to lose weight you have to believe that you can and tapping can help. Tapping can also help with motivation and it can help you challenge some of the limiting beliefs that prevent you from losing weight. But it can also help by putting you in a positive mind set.

Losing weight involves taking care of yourself. It means you will do things that are good for your body and health. It is illogical to do those things when you actually don’t feel good about yourself.

In fact I have worked with a lot of people who feel that they deserve to be punished – a bit incompatible with actually doing things that are good for you.

Tapping can help you to get rid of those limiting beliefs and help you feel positive about yourself and your body - as it is now, not how you want it to be.

Try tapping along to the video above, it only takes a couple of minutes, and try repeating this every day for at least a week.

What can often happen is that you may begin to think of things that might have caused some of your issues with food, exercise or weight and if this happens just tap on those issues. There are a vast array of tapping videos on you tube which can help or find an EFT therapist if you feel you need further help.

Take time over meals

Take time over your food and give meals your full attention
Take time over your food and give meals your full attention | Source


While it is important to deal with these emotional motivators and limiting beliefs, it is also true that this alone will not make you lose weight. To lose weight you need to reduce the energy or calories you intake and increase the energy you expend through activity and exercise. If you feel negative about exercise try tapping on that too “even though I hate exercise I chose to accept myself and my feelings…”

Of course you don’t need to wait until you feel really positive about yourself BEFORE you start to lose weight. The idea is to do this whilst also eating a healthy balanced diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat proteins and whole grain carbohydrates. Then increase the amount you exercise, when you start being good to your body and allow yourself to feel positive about yourself and your ability to lose weight, the result should be a change in eating and exercise habits and achievement of your weight loss goals.


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    • profile image

      morgan tunstill 

      4 years ago

      I love watching the tapping videos, very calming

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 

      4 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      Sorry, missed that at the end. Got so caught up in reading. Be Well.

    • Sheila Mulvenney profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Bedford

      Yes I do agree and tried to make that point at the end -perhaps not strongly enough - thanks for reading and commenting

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 

      4 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      While I think a positive attitude has something to it, your diet is much more important. You can have a positive attitude all you want, but if you eat unhealthy, you will be unhealthy.


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