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Positivism and self-motivation will lead you to success

Updated on May 23, 2015

Positive thinking, self-motivation will lead to you success

In our childhood we had studied story of a Rabbit and tortoise who contested with each other to win the race. Rabbit due to his sheer arrogance, lethargy and irregularity in efforts lost to tortoise at the end. Tortoise was honest and regular in its efforts to get the task done. Same thing happens in human’s life as well when lack of consistency along with lack of honesty in efforts takes place it becomes difficult to succeed for everyone. Someone who may be little bit slower in pace but keeps consistency in its efforts and works with greatest sincerity will surely get success in life. Meticulous planning followed by persistent efforts in order to achieve goals can bring success to anyone. Honesty is the best policy. Honesty in doing hard work will definitely pay you back. No substitute of hard work ever happens there in anybody’s life.

Short-term gain may give you the instantaneous satisfaction but it’s never enough to get the end results. Short-term hard work is of no use unless it is backed by the well-disciplined & consistent efforts on regular basis. While putting the efforts never worry for the outcome instead focus on working hard and hard. To worry about probable results will not lead you anywhere but to think on how to get the ways to get the task done will do. There must be continuity in efforts to get the success. Whatever the task we take in our hand must be fulfilled in the given frame of time. Whatever the task we have been assigned must be done with utmost perfection and in right time also. Perfection can’t be achieved overnight. It takes time and consistent practice that brings you close to perfection.

Never get bothered about the fear of getting failed in your efforts. Sometimes the goal may not be achieved at one go and you may have to start right from the beginning again. Never let fear of failures to deter you in working towards achieving your dreams. Never get bothered of fear of committing a mistake while working for larger good. But it’s very important to learn from those mistakes quickly. If you won’t learn from your mistakes they will cost you severely in future. It is vital to learn from others, doesn’t matter whether they are juniors or seniors to you. Never miss an opportunity to learn from even a child. Nobody is perfect in this world but every person is bestowed with some sort of best qualities. Learn every person’s best quality around you. Your bad habits too sometimes could create hindrance in achieving your dreams come true so get rid of them one by one.

Sometimes we invest a lot of energy on discussing and focusing on the probable outcomes of our efforts. Too much worry about the impending results of our efforts won’t leave us anywhere but consistently working on the ways that would lead us to our goals will do. So always keep focused on your efforts and consistency to achieve your dreams. There would be many ways to reach on the top but the one which passes through hardship and honesty will give you the utmost pleasure and satisfaction when you will reach to your goal. When we achieve something through consistent efforts and sincerity it makes us to feel and honor the value of that. Success is the sum total of all such efforts. Be self-motivated. Self-motivation will guide you through rough patches and will give the energy and power to overcome all obstacles.

While working hard for achieving your dreams difficulties and hindrances are bound to come on your ways. You will have to overcome those all obstacles with utmost courage. Never give up before any adversity until you reach to your goal. Nothing comes easy in life. Need to concentrate on your efforts and never let your willpower to weaken and try hard to keep your momentum always in positive direction. Look at what Swami Vivekananda had to say about difficulties and how to overcome them on the way towards achieving your dreams- ‘Arise Awake and stop not till goal is reached’. ‘Take one idea, make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves and every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success’.


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