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Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath: Useful Information for You

Updated on May 13, 2014

Important Facts About Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath

At times, mucus secretions may drain and build up at the back of either the nose or throat. This mucus may become sticky and green or white, which consequently becomes unhealthy. This usually results in a condition which is referred to as post nasal drip bad breath. However, when this condition is associated with cough, then it’s normally referred to as the upper airway cough syndrome.

What causes this condition?

In situations where the cells lining of the nose produce excess mucus, part of it begin to drip back to either the nose or throat. The accumulation of mucus in this region provide a good breeding ground for bacteria. As this accumulation increases, the aerobic bacteria get more food which make them to multiply an excrete waste and hence the foul smell. As a result, the victim begins to experience sore throat and foul smelling breath.

Other causes may include other medical conditions such as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, asthma, rhinitis, viral infections and sinusitis.

What causes the bad breath?

Mucus contain a lot of proteins which these bacteria feed on. They break down the protein molecules resulting in waste products inform of sulfur compounds which have a foul smell. It’s very common among people who have nasal problems. The smell can also be as a result of dead cells. The dead cells and debris may form tonsil stones which also acts as food for these bacteria.


Post nasal drip bad breath is associated with the following:
Halitosis; this refers to the foul smelling breath. It’s one of the most common indication that an individual is suffering from this condition. This smell normally comes from the back of the mouth and it can also be associated with sour taste.

Mucus lodged in throat; it can be light yellow, clear or white mucus. In most cases, the individual will be forced to either spit or gag to remove the mucus. At times, it can be irritating.

Dry mouth; in situation where the nose is stuffed with mucus, the victim will be forced to breathe through the mouth making it dry most of the time. Other conditions such as coughing, tonsil stones, white coating on the tongue and loss of taste are also common.

Most individuals with bad breath will always feel insecure, shy and embarrassed especially if it’s a recurring problem. But, how can it be controlled or cured?

Dental hygiene; keeping mouth clean and fresh is a sure way to reduce or get rid of aerobic bacteria which feeds on mucus causing foul smell. The mouth must be cleaned and washed regularly. This includes brushing both the teeth and tongue.

Keeping mouth moist; this will ensure that the mouth remains fresh at all times. Remember, saliva has got the ability to reduce the amount aerobic bacteria in the mouth. In addition to this, breathing through the mouth must be avoided as much as possible since it provides a conducive environment for aerobic bacteria to breed.

Dental check-up; forming the habit of going for regular dental check-up within a period of six months is a sure way to deal with this condition.

Medications; the most common medications are nasal antihistamines and decongestants. However, the best way to deal with this condition is to establish the root cause of the problem; whether it’s excess production of mucus or a viral infection.

More useful information here.

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