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Posture Straps and Posture Braces: Do they work?

Updated on December 26, 2011

After fixing me up a long time ago, my chiropractor told me that I shouldn’t sit so much, that it is bad for my posture. I said ‘What was that?’ and he repeated the advise with a straight face. As bizarre as that advice sound, it is indeed true that sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for your back.

With that said, it does change the fact that that piece of advise is quite futile for those of us who work at a desk. Even sitting straight at your desk is bad for back. In fact, it is reported that the only healthy posture is to sit at a 135 degree recline. Till the day when that becomes an acceptable work posture at the office, we must take steps to support our back and to maintain good posture.

The most popular posture brace design
The most popular posture brace design

I have been using a posture strap for about two months now and I must say that they do in fact work. It has improved my posture a great deal, or at the very least, it has stopped my posture from further deteriorating. But before you make your first posture brace purchase, it would be useful to know that there are many types of designs out here to choose from.

The most popular posture strap designs are those that not only pull your shoulders back but support your upper back at the same time. Design wise, they look very much like a singlet that stops at your rib cage. There are also more elaborate designs that are made to not only hold your shoulder back but also to support you entire back. These two types of design are extremely effective as they give very good support. They can even be worn under clothing, helping you maintain good posture all day long.

Full back support
Full back support

As effective as they are, I personally feel that they are quite bulky and may feel a little too warm if worn for prolonged periods of time. For those reasons, I have opted for the simplest design. The one that I have chosen consist of two elastic strap rings and a band that holds them both together. Posture straps with these designs are much cheaper and smaller than their counterparts, although I must admit that they are not as effective as the more elaborate designs.

There are several other factors for you to consider before you buy a posture strap or posture brace. Do you intend to wear it under or above your clothing? Do you intend to wear it all day long? For general purposes, it is best to choose the simplest designs for ease of use and also one that is made out of airy, sweat resistant materials. This is important especially if you intend to wear it for the whole day.

Shoulder posture straps
Shoulder posture straps


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      rajibfci 3 years ago


    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 3 years ago from Miami Florida

      I like yout article about good posture with the help of many different support and straps. I find out that they do work for me. I used them fast after I got hurt to stop the injury from getting worst. Thank you for writing about posture's problems. You did a great job.