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Physical Therapy Exercises with Power Triple Series

Updated on March 13, 2018
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I worked alongside top natural health professionals and experience as a fitness instructor educated me on health tips I am proud to share.

WWE Workout

If you are looking for a workout system to obliterate fat, combat aches, and pains, and build ripped rock-hard muscle then you've met your ideal workout. Enter center ring and join any WWE champion and Superstar workout that you can find on YouTube for a total-body challenge that will change your life.

These workouts are created by world-renowned strength coaches. They explain and show this powerful system that includes upper body, lower body, cardio, and mobility workouts. Most of these workouts are set to a calendar. That way, you can maximize your body's strength, endurance, flexibility, and function with raw, no-nonsense exercises. You will have fun as you rumble with the best and build a chiseled body fit for the fight. Usually, with these type of workouts, all you need is two sets of dumbbells that range from light to heavy.

Make sure when you find these workouts you do one of the warm-up segments, which is so vital for anyone who wants to stay in shape for life.

I am a firm believer in education. With education, you can learn how to heal yourself through whatever means you find suitable for your body.

Low-back Pain

Getting Back Workout

As some of you know, I hurt my back about two years ago. I went through chiropractic care and physical therapy as part of my recovery process. These two practices are very different but both helped heal my back and work well together. Though my chiropractor and PT might not agree with each other's practices, I have found them to be a great combo for healing the body.

Physical Therapy

I am only going to talk about PT therapy. You see, while on my road to recovery, I met Jamie Glick MS, PT. Jamie is a New York State licensed physical therapist and a graduate of Columbia University’s Program in Physical Therapy. Though Jamie did not personally work with me during my healing process, I was impressed with his ability to work with me and star in dozens of health and exercise videos in partnership with the website.

Now he offers a book and a podcast to help people recover from back pain and pain relief. I am a firm believer in education. With education, you can learn how to heal yourself through whatever means you find suitable for your body.

Chiropractic or Physical Therapy

Would You Use Chiropractic or Physical Therapy for Your Injuried Back?

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Pain Free

Healthy Lifestyle

Jamie also practices what he preaches regarding keeping a healthy lifestyle. He makes daily smoothies in his Vitamix with whatever fruits and vegetables are around the house and has been known to go out for a quick 16 miler before the sun comes up during marathon training season. He boasts completing 17 full marathons, including 5 New York City Marathons. His best time is 3 hours 37 minutes, and he hopes to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon.

These two stretches will do more harm than good, or just no good at all.

Knee to Chest

Hip Crossover

Arching Backward Really Hurts.

Arching Backward Really Hurts. Jamie says only do this one if you like pain.

As a last note, I want to stress the importance of using a PT if you have an injured back. PTs can show you ways to get around without causing more injury and increasing the pain.

© 2015 Kenna McHugh


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