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Power Walking-An Effective Way To Get Physically Fit

Updated on December 25, 2014

What Is Power Walking?

Power walking is a term invented by this author to describe the incorporation of weights with simple exercise of walking. A weight vest of roughly 30 to 60 pounds is an effective tool to use in power walking. Also, ankle and arm weights are a part of the tools as well. The purpose of power walking is to accelerate weight loss and fitness by adding additional stress to the body during the simple process of walking several miles, preferably one to two miles, depending upon the ability of the person engaging in the exercise. Power walking places additional stress on the body during the process of walking and causes additional burning of calories. It accelerates weight loss and improves physical conditioning (i.e. overall constitution or health). The process of strapping on 30 to 60 pounds of weight and walking two to four miles is not easy. It takes an extended period of time for the human body to adjust to the stress of the additional weight, although it is immediate removed after the exercise session ends. Participants may have to stop periodically until the body gets accustomed to the process.

What Is the Problem Addressed By Power Walking?

Americans spend a lot of money each year battling their physical condition, especially conditions of obesity (excessive over weight condition) and other health issues related to it. Obesity commonly leads to other health conditions such as Type II Diabetes, especially in older Americans. This particular condition is brought on by a build up of glucose (commonly called "sugar") in the blood. The body cells simply lock down and refuse to take the glucose from the blood due to their lack of need for it. Why does this happen? The body cells generally hunger for glucose to fuel the body. However, if the person is generally inactive ( i.e., they have a low metabolism), the body cells tend to shut down and not take the badly needed glucose from the blood. A buildup of glucose in the blood is not good. This build up of glucose can lead to damage in vital organs like the kidneys. Despite how common this disease is in American society, it can easily be reversed with little power walking. Power walking was invented to address poor physical conditioning, or health brought on by Type II Diabetes, or similar illness. It is a simple approach to exercise that anyone without physical limitations can engage in, even if they are confined to a wheelchair. In addition to the power walking which is a form of physical activity, a person must address the issue of diet.

A person's diet is so critical to good health. As the human body ages, some foods become like poison to the body. Most healthcare professionals, especially physicians, would advocate a reduction in carbohydrates (carbs) with an increase in fruits and vegetables and proteins. Carbs contribute more to glucose build up in the blood because it provides the bulk of the glucose needed by the body to generate energy. By simply reducing the carbs in one's diet, the body is forced to find it from other sources (stored in the body). Thus, if the body is forced to used its stored energy sources, then naturally the person's weight tends to decline, and as a result the person overall fitness starts to improve. Thus, diet has to be addressed in addition to a change in physical activity to bring about the desired results of better physical conditioning and health.

What Are the Benefits of Power Walking

It is very difficult to get anyone motivated to engage in any kind of physical fitness, if they cannot perceive any immediate benefits. What are the obvious benefits of power walking? Although the weight reduction benefits will not be immediately perceived, it will come naturally. The key for any person wanting to bring about a change in their physical condition is to stick with the program until the results start to manifest themselves. It has been commonly said that a human being will develop a good or bad habit after about twenty one (21) days of forceful participation. After this twenty one day learning curve is overcome, if you will, the activity becomes a part of one's daily habit. Usually around that twenty one day or three week period, the weight loss benefit will start to show itself. In general, weight reduction leads to a better and more youthful appearance as well.

The most immediate benefit that most participants in a power walking program will not notice is the reduction in their blood sugar. (Blood sugar levels can be noticed immediately if a person takes a reading of their blood sugar each day) Why does this happen? Well, naturally when the body engages in physical training regiment, the body metabolism tends to increase. The body cells get out of their lazy mode and tends to demand more glucose from the blood. Thus, the glucose content in the blood tends to decrease. In general, the body tends to give off increased heat because of the burning of fuel, if you will. Even if exercise is stopped for a day or so, it still takes the body a while to change back to that slow and lazy mode. Power walking, in effect, brings about a reduction in blood sugar, and if a person has Type II Diabetes, tends to cause the disease to go into remission. In the case of the author, his doctor completely took him off of the Type II Diabetes medication (Janumet 1000/500 mg) due to the considerable reduction in his his blood sugar and loss of weight. The author went from weighing 255 pounds to 190 pounds in 5 months. His weight has since gone back to a solid 204 pounds, where he is more comfortable, and he has a more natural appearance. His blood sugar readings are consistently between 98 and 106 which is normal for someone his age, weight and height.

Because power walking brings about an increased metabolic change in the body, muscles tend to tone up very quickly. The power walking in effect is a form of physical resistance exercising, and the effects of the weights tend to tone the muscles. Weight reduction is gradual and happens over time as long as the exercise program is maintained. As the weight is reduced there is no need for the participant to plan any kind of skin reduction surgery because it is not necessary. The toning effect from the weight tend to naturally help the skin to accommodate the reduction in weight.

Motivation to engage in a power walking program is obvious. If a participant wants better health and physical conditioning and a more youthful appearance, then power walking can achieve those benefits. Also, just engaging in a planned physical exercise program like power walking can possibly lead to a longer and higher quality of life.


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