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Power of Thinking

Updated on May 7, 2011

Pravin Vaghani (Photo by Unusha Vaghani)

What You Think You Get

Power of Thinking

Are you afraid of being attacked by cancer or any such deadly decease? Have you ever been very sick ? So sick that the thoughts of death start prevailing in your mind ?

Kathy Smith (name changed) was so much busy in her carrier that she had no time to think about her body’s well being. Although it is widely publicised to have regular medical check up after certain age, and specially the women for breast cancer, she consulted a specialist only after severe pain occurred in her breast. The diagnosis was not very pleasant as cancer of late stage was detected in her right breast. There was no alternative left but to remove it.

In addition the doctor warned that as per the statistics available, there was more than fifty percent chance that the cancer may reappear in other part of her body at a later stage.

Kathy had the greatest shock of her life. She resolved to prepare herself against any future attacks of cancer. She now continued to have regular medical check up and followed doctor’s advice to the word.

After a few years again cancer was detected in other part of her body. An operation was necessary to remove the cancerous cells. But there was no guarantee that the cancer can be removed totally and it was possible that it may continue to develop and spread. It was going to be very expensive treatment too which may drain away all the family’s savings.

She discussed with her husband. She wanted to consider alternative methods of treatment. Her husband suggested that he did not care about money in comparison to her health but after Kathy’s insistence he agreed to let her try the alternative method and showed his preparedness to support her in every way possible.

She started doing research and find out whatever literature was available for treating cancer and similar sickness by alternative methods. The internet was full of such literature. She found numerous cases wherein the people had returned from the deathbed by power of thinking. 

All her studies and research convinced that she can overcome this deadly decease be perfectly healthy by developing the power of thinking. She now regularly devoted some time of the day in developing her power of thinking. Slowly and steadily the cancerous cells started receding from her body and she became a perfectly healthy person. Her husband and all the members of the family were overjoyed with her success. Her family doctor and consulting cancer specialist were so much surprised that they thought it was a great miracle.

Medical records claim that about fifty percent of the women in the world are likely to have breast cancer. It is not much comfort to think you may belong to that other fifty percent who are not likely to be suffering with that deadly decease, because the fear of being attacked without warning stays in the back of the mind of every woman, young and old.

No doubt, the human life is so much full of ‘struggle for existence and survival’ that thoughts of unpleasant happenings in life are generated in the mind so much more easily and frequently that we fail to create  pleasant thoughts of success and sweetness. And in the process we direct our destiny towards failure, unhappiness and even sickness as well. Those who are strong minded and can think of success, healthy life and prosperity are helped to achieve their dreams.

Majority of our life’s achievements, strength of relationships, happiness, progress or failures, health or sickness, rise or fall, successful or broken marriages, are dependent upon our thinking.

How often we come to know of a rare person who has surpassed seemingly unsurpassable obstacles, hardship, sickness, conditions or circumstances and come out successfully on top.

How we think, so we be.

It is an age old proven ancient proverb “What You Think So would You Be”.


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