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Powerblock Dumbbells or Powerblock Dumbells…

Updated on September 16, 2009

They’re Great No Matter How You Spell It!

When it comes to working out, whether you’re talking about losing fat, building muscle, or even going after that elusive 6 pack abs look, there’s nothing better than free weights. And when it comes to free weights at home, there’s nothing better than Powerblock Dumbells, in my opinion.

When I first decided that I was going to commit to working out at home rather than going to a gym, I knew I was going to have to find the best use of my money and the space I had available to me. I figured I was not that different from a lot of people, and that there would certainly be a lot of great alternatives out there for me. However, the more I looked into it, the more frustrated I became.

I knew that I would get a lot more ‘bang for my exercise buck’ by using free weights that were NOT part of a machine. I knew this from both reading about it as well as from personal experience. You see, when you work out with a machine, it not only does a lot of the stabilizing for you, therefore allowing you to use less muscle than you would if those stabilizing efforts were left up to your muscles, but they also force you into a single range of motion.

Take a look around any gym and you’ll see the enormous variation in peoples’ size and shape. There’s no way that a single range of motion is going to be ideal and healthy for each and every one of those people. But, if you consider a free weight, not only do you need to stabilize the motions you go through, but you can move within your own, personal range. Much better on both points.

The problem for many people wanting to work out with free weights at home though, is that it is simply too expensive to get all the necessary weights, not to mention the amount of room it would take up.  Just look at those racks of dumbbells at the gym; they go on for ever!

Here’s where the beauty of the Powerblock Dumbbells comes in.  You get a huge range of weights available to work with, from 5 pounds all the way up to 85 pounds, or even more, yet it takes up the space of just a single pair of dumbbells!  It’s awesome!

When I found this system, I knew I had found the answer I was looking for.  A full range of weights that I could use for everything from tricep kickbacks (which use a relatively light weight) all the way to dumbbell presses, flys, squats, overhead presses and deadlifts (moving to single leg deadlifts once I was able to handle the weight better). 

I could do a full body weight workout, targeting all the big muscle groups and muscle movements that allow me to really get my metabolism up, my heart pumping, my fat melting and my strength and endurance increasing, with nothing but a bench and a “single” pair of dumbbells!

I guess that’s really the magic of these things; It’s a “single” set of dumbbells that is the equivalent of an entire rack of them!  And changing the weights around is as simple as sliding a pin in and out of the stack. 

Personally, I didn’t opt for the Powerblock stand that is available with them, though now I wish I had.  It’s definitely not a necessity, and if money is an issue, I would say skip it.  However, if you can afford the stand, it can definitely make certain exercises easier to deal with.  It also makes that little corner dedicated to your workouts look a little more ‘official’, if that makes any difference to you.

All in all, if it hasn’t been obvious yet, I absolutely love my Powerblock Dumbbells (I was never sure whether I should spell it like that or Powerblock Dumbells, with only one “b”…)  Either way, the bottom line is this is one fantastic product that you won’t regret buying.


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    • bretwefun profile image

      bretwefun 8 years ago from Georgia

      adjustable dumbbells are great. having to have 4 sets of dumb bells around can definitely make your home gym cluttered, these make life much easier.

      for those of you looking to gain muscle, check out my hub on how to gain muscle and really learn how to use those dumbells