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Power Of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Updated on April 14, 2015
Omega 3 for heart health
Omega 3 for heart health | Source

I encourage you to read this web site, and to check back for updates to learn the newest evidence that supports taking Omega-3 fatty acids. THE POWER OF OMEGA 3 TO DOUSE INFLAMMATION

The Power Of Omega 3


AND, It's Good For Your Pet Too

Yes, our pets need omega 3 too
Yes, our pets need omega 3 too | Source

What's So Good About Omega 3 Fish Oils?

Omega 3 Fish Oils are fatty acids named: DHA and EPA

Essential means your body cannot make these fatty acids, your body NEEDS TO INGEST THESE.

And on another note: The Expert, Dr. Frank Sacks answers your questions about Omega 3, the best sources, dosages and much more.

This is on the Harvard.Edu website,

1. Why should I include omega 3 in my diet, and what are omega 3s?
2. What are good sources of omega 3, and how much do I need to eat?
3. There are also omega 6`s. There is a ratio that should exist between omega 3`s and omega 6`s. Should I worry about that?
4. Is it better to get omega-3 fatty acids from food or from supplements?
5. I am a vegetarian, how can I make sure I get enough omega 3 without eating fish or fish oil supplements?
6. Can I destroy omega 3 with high heat?

And, from another source, Kansas City Star, here is a statement that all parents need to explore: (this site is no longer active)

Low omega-3 levels could explain why some children have reading problems

The benefits of omega 3 are many. Do your due diligence and research these benefits, and talk to your own doctor, your health professionals to get their opinion.

The Cold Sea Fish Are Best For Omega 3...  NOT The Farmed Fish
The Cold Sea Fish Are Best For Omega 3... NOT The Farmed Fish | Source

Who Promotes Omega 3?

Omega 3, Fish Oil.... Who Promotes It?

- Well, Doctor Barry Sears, he is one of the fore fathers of recognizing omega 3 and inflammation.

- Doctor Oz is a big promoter of Omega 3.

- The Mayo Clinic - PubMed

- American Journal Medicine - Heart And Stroke Association AND MANY MORE

Why you need supplements? Because unfortunately men has ruined our oceans, and we are limited to the amount of fresh fish we can eat. So, we take supplement in the form of capsules or liquids.

How To Choose Supplements?

- Well, they need to be the purest possible.

- The 2 fatty acids, DHA AND EPA need to be in the right Ratio of 1:2

- Minimum DHA should be 600 mg per/dose

Omega 3 Fish Oil Comparison Chart


What You Need to Know about Mercury in Fish and Shellfish

There is a great article on the "EPA, United States Environmental Protection Agency". "What You Need To Know About Mercury In Fish"
Fish and shellfish are a delicious choice to add to your diet. Fish is a high source of protein, and also omega 3 fatty acids.

Of course, adding fish to your diet is a very healthy choice of nutritional meal.

BUT, fish contains mercury. (As DocOz has described for us on one of his shows). Some fish have a much higher level of mercury.

So check out the following chart, from DocOz Site...

And, talk to your doctor, because a good idea is to supplement eating fish with fish oil supplement. A good pure, affordable, high quality fish oil.

Low Mercury Fish Choices
Low Mercury Fish Choices | Source
2210 Results for "Fish Oil Supplements"
2210 Results for "Fish Oil Supplements" | Source

2210 FAQ's Fish Oil Supplements

Check out Dr Oz's Website, On this search on his site for "Fish Oil Supplement" there were 2210 results! He discusses such questions and issues as:

1 - Should You Take Fish Oil Omega 3 Supplements?

2 - Why Taking Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acids Are Critical For Your Health.

3 - Daily Dosage, How Much Do I Take?

4 - Is Fish Oil vs Flax Seed, Better For Me?

And, many many more Fish Oil Omega 3 Supplement FAQ's ...


Krill Omega 3 VS Fish Oil Omega 3

First: Fish oil is oil is found in the tissues of oily fish. Actually, and you may be surprised about this, Fish don't produce omega-3 fatty acids, instead they accumulate them by ingesting / eating either microalgae or other prey fish that have consumed, or accumulated omega-3 fatty acids.

Krill are little crustaceans (Euphausiacea),they are found in all of the world's vast oceans. The word Krill means "young fry of fish", and other small fish are also referred to as the same.
Krill are the bottom of the food chain, which also makes them superior!
Fish Oil, and Krill Oil are both good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. But, there are a few differences between the two.

Krill Oil vs Fish Oil In Solubility: Krill oil's omega-3 is in phospholipid form, and fish oil omega-3 is in triglyceride form.

* Phospholipids are easier for your system to absorb. Unlike triglycerides, phospholipids actually are water-soluble, therefore they disperse easily in your small intestine. Because of this they can be absorbed without any bile salts.

Fat-soluble triglycerides however need bile salts so they can be absorbed. Because of this, phospholipids are more easily distributed to our cells and tissues than triglycerides are.

AND, one of the biggest bonuses is: Water solubility of omega 3 means less burping.

How NOT To Get Your Omega 3

Omega 3 Your PET Needs It Too

Yes, your pet needs Omega 3 Too!
Yes, your pet needs Omega 3 Too! | Source

Your Whole Family Needs Omega 3

So, Who Can Benefit From This Powerful Supplement?

Omega 3 And Heart Health
- Everyone needs to reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Be pro-active in your heart health care.

Omega And Your Brain Health And Mental Health
- Research has shown that omega 3 can help with mood disorders, depression, and also to help reduce the effectos of "brain aging" and Altzheimer's

Omega 3's & Joint Health & Inflammation
- One of the most known benefits of Omega 3 is it's ability to fight inflammation. Inflammation is one of the biggest causes of disease in our bodies.

Omega 3 And It's Fight Against The Risk Of Cancer

If you don't want to fall into any of the above categories, it might be to your best interest to start taking your fish oils!

I ask my friends... Do you take your omega's?

A Few Thoughts

Here are some personal thoughts...What is your opinion?

1 Limit your salt.

2 Eat Good Fats
like olive oils, fish oil. DO NOT ever eat Trans Fats, they will kill you. And do limit your saturated fats.

3 Stay away from fast foods and processed foods. If you must eat fast foods, many outlets now also have healthy choices. Go for those.

4 Drop The Pop. Drink cool, clear, clean water (preferably, NOT out of a plastic bottle)

5 DO exercise. Take your dog, your kids, your spouse and go for long walks. Make a picnic, go hiking, or biking.

6 Turn off the TV and sit outside, watch the sunset instead.

Make a better lifestyle for you and your whole family...Omega 3 can be a part of this lifestyle, actually, it should be a part of this lifestyle.

Omega is a health warrior, but, it cannot fight for good health alone.

Do You Take YOUR Fish Oil?

Do You Take Omega 3

See results

Ganoderma, The Mushroom Of Kings


PS, Have You Heard Of Ganoderma, Red Reishi?

This is a very powerful mushroom, and it has amazing health qualities.

Omega 3 and Ganoderma, Red Reishi are a powerful Duo...


*This site / blog / article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not meant as medical advice. Simply, it is an alternative way for you to explore to have a healthy, youthful body. Remember, to always consult your own health professional of your choice :) I have been blessed with a wonderful doctor.


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