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Powerful Potent of Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated on November 29, 2014

"It's good for what ails you"

So often I'd hear my mother-in-law state this phrase. Everyday she'd drink at least one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar by mixing it into a cup or water or hot tea. She never got sick and lived till she was 95.

During the Winter Holidays one year practically everyone in the church choir I sang with got sick and lost their voices just before our annual concert. Someone mentioned the same healing effect of Apple Cider Vinegar my mother-in-law preached to me. I then began drinking hot tea with a dab of this potent and honey for sweetening. Hours later my voice returned.

On the night of our performance as I was taking out a thermos containing my miracle elixir several suffering singers anxiously hovered over me. Each choir member poured themselves a cup of tea. That evening our performance was stellar. No one in the audience would have guessed that only hours before our choir was a weak collection of raspy voices at best. What stole the show without credit was the miraculous Apple Cider Vinegar.

A little research reveals that Apple Cider Vinegar is also helpful in weight loss, combating and preventing colds , controlling diabetes, make your hair shine, removes stains from teeth, soothe sunburns, reduces heart burn, and overall, helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level.

Ancient Egypt and the Babylonians also benefited from this tonic's medical qualities.

So next time you're shopping, consider picking up a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar. And also, don't forget to still go for daily check-ups.


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    • Cheryl Cuddeback profile image

      Cheryl Cuddeback 3 years ago from Forest Hills Queens

      I concur. This product is awesome. thanks for your encouraging comment.

    • Beaddoodler profile image

      Jennie Hennesay 3 years ago from Lubbock TX

      Great post! This is only a small sampling of ACV's great properties. It's also an all in one household cleanser mixed with other simple ingredients like baking soda or olive oil depending on what you're cleaning.