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Powerlifting Programs52

Updated on April 27, 2016

Powerlifting Beginner Programs

There are many training programs out there that promise you will gain an unreal amount of size in three months. But there are few training programs that are beneficial, especially when you talk about powerlifting. The most common one people do is 5 days a week while training one muscle group per day. Although this can build muscle, (especially if you are new to lifting) it is not the most beneficial way to do so. So if you want a good powerlifting training program you will need to focus on bench, squat, and deadlift. For beginners I would recommend to do a push, pull legs split. Push will focus on bench with some accessory movements to hit your triceps. Pull will focus on deadlift with some accessory movements to target the lats. Legs will focus on squat with hamstring curls. Although this seems like a lot for a beginner, you will not do many sets starting out. For example, for the first two weeks you will only do two sets per movement with 6-8 reps. Plus, you will have an off day the day after you do legs. This program can be tough, but if you stick it out for a month I can guarantee you will have noticeable strength gains. Once that happens, you will soon be hooked on powerlifting. Even though this what I would recommend, do what you like to do. Going to the gym and training under any program is better than not going at all.


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