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Practising Mindful Living

Updated on May 16, 2014

Breathing Meditation

Being Mindful

Thinking on how to start writing, only one thing is in my mind and that is being present in the Now. Why is ‘mindful living’ more important now that it was in the past and why do I have the need to write something about it?

The reality of the matter is that for the last few months I have been taking a journey towards my inner being. I have been letting go of old beliefs and habits and I am connecting with what was always there. I am eliminating unnecessary clutter, accepting the past and letting go of future plans. I am just…am!

Having gone through life relieving the past and making future plans but missing out on the present moment, I am now being in the present moment. No, I am not a Zen master yet and to be honest, that might never happen, but I am taking the steps towards Mindful Living.

zen | Source

What is Mindful Living?

Well, it is not one thing only! It is living by being in the now, the present moment and nothing else. It is a constant reminder of the absence of the past and the future, the lack of something else apart from this very moment.

Practicing mindful living is a constant meditative process. Being in the now every minute of everyday is a little step towards Mindful Living.

The Practice of Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness in Social Gatherings

During social gatherings it is very challenging to achieve some level of mindfulness. This is the time when you spent extended time with your family or friends. Lots of expectations, many plans and stressful moments usually spoil the peace and serenity of Being.
As much as you are waiting for this gathering, it is, at times, very hard to practice mindfulness. One would find himself one moment in absolute meditative mood and the next moment drowned in stressful thoughts about schedules and tasks that needed to be done.

Is this a situation you find yourself often?

If that’s the case, then read on:

Observe. This is the perfect time to practice mindfulness and instead of ‘faking’ it, observe your thoughts and feelings. It is quite amusing at times finding yourself making weird face expressions at the sound of your child asking you for the 11th time to go and see what they’ve done. At that moment, just observe your body’s reaction to that sound.
You will notice that your blood pressure might be rising or your stomach feeling tense.
These feelings arise when we want something. We want peace and quiet, we want to do something else etc. We are so focused on what we want, the specific situation irritates us! When you start noticing these feelings, then slowly they will become less intense.

Connect. What should we do instead? Often people and particularly children want for us to listen and BE there. This is mindful living: Practice listening to the person without any thoughts or words interfering with this process. Try to connect with this person and enjoy the present moment as it is. The present moment might not be as you thought it might be, or in this particular environment but it is the ONLY moment and this is a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Smile. Adopting a smile to replace those emotions/thoughts you are allowing positive energy to flow. Breath and smile! Enjoy the moment and you will feel your body alive. Maybe the next moment you will have to watch your thoughts arise again.
Was that thought predictable? Did you feel that you are often in this position?
Resist the temptation to follow these thoughts and lose yourself in them. Practice silent observation of your thoughts and let them pass.
When you are together with a loved one, there is nothing else but this moment. Do not try to control the moment. Just allow it to be. Practice happiness and smile. There is nothing else but now. You just need to let go of all resistance and be free of thought.

meditation | Source


The power of mindfulness is intense. Take one moment at a time, one practice at a time. Mindfulness takes our mind beyond our mental patterns.

As our intuition grows, the knowledge of our true nature expands, connecting us to our deeper wisdom. Seeing the world through the eyes of our wisdom, allows us to flow with the river of life and embrace every moment as it comes.


personal note

My social gatherings are a mixed bag of both the good and the bad. When I say ‘bad’ I don’t really mean anything horrible but my thoughts are taking over my mind. Every time I would feel angry, stressed, anxious and unsatisfied I would just turn my attention to the beauty that is already there. I am grateful for the people in my life. I am grateful for being here and now.

© 2014 DemiT


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    • DemiT profile image

      DemiT 3 years ago from Greece

      Hi Jean and thank you for commenting. I have been changing my ways and incorporating meditation into my daily routines. It is so important to be mindful in everything we do and you are right meditation is helping a lot in that. Thanks for the mantra!

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

      Mindful living is so important. Meditation is a great help in this, because it calms and focuses your mind. When ever I feel stressed or out of sorts, I meditate. A great mantra is Oh Ma Ni Pad Me Hum. It is about compassion and gives you great karma.