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Prana :The cause of health and disease

Updated on June 28, 2009

What is the cause of health and disease?

I feel energy healing is somewhat related to Pranayama( breathing and retention ) of Yoga. Both emphasize on the proper proportion of Prana ( vital energy ) which should pervade the body.

The improper movement of prana( energy) in various parts of the body is considered as the cause of physical and mental diseases.

By regulating the prana through yoga and meditation, the practitioner is able to send the prana through proper channels which results in good health and peace of mind. Prana and energy are two different words indicating the same thing.

That is why a yoga practitioner, immediately after the practice feels lots of energy in his/her body and feels so good. It means nothing new but the proper channelising of the prana or vital energy by yoga. It has been proved by science that meditation helps in curing even chronic diseases over a certain period of time.

Vivekananda Kendra in Bangalore, India has made remarkable breakthroughs in finding cure for AIDS . Bihar School of Yoga in Bihar , North India has done research extensively for many years. Yoga Therapy is considered as the most natural way to cure any disease because it uses only yoga postures, pranayama ( regulation of breath) and Dhyana ( meditation) in treating various kind of diseases. Eventhough there are proofs to prove this, It is known to people in America, India ( to certain extent) and some Europeans. This is the reason why 75% of American health clubs have yoga. It is said that many American Airports have Meditation halls also.

Meditation calms the mind instantaneously which makes the blood flow normal and which minimises the stress levels in an individual which is the cause of many psycho somatic diseases like diabetes, asthma, ulcer, migraine, epilepsy, cardiac arrest, hyper tesion,skin diseases, mental disorders etc., A meditator, it can be said, is able to find Auto cure ! If the cause of problems is the worry then peace is the solution ! Meditation is that solution, because peace is within oneself and not outside.

Art of living which is famous world over emphasizes on breathing practices more than anything else. Their breathing technique "Sudarshan kriya" has been able to cure  many diseases, it is proved scientifically. It is really a blessing to those who practice them regularly.

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