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Prayers And Meaning

Updated on May 5, 2011

Prayer is what you all need sometimes!

Pray! Praying could be the answer you're looking for.....

Each one has his/her own definition of prayers according to religion,  culture, and even tradition. But in reality, and in a simpler understanding, what's the true meaning of praying?.I believe strongly that Prayer is a simple talk addressed directly to God with no restriction or certain rules. In my opinion, Prayers can be as simple as a conversation, a mono-log or a word with God. Prayers may come in a form of poetry, expressing your words in depth, and multiple meanings.  Prayers have no accurate time to perform.. Jesus once said: "ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE". My personal  philosophy behind the essence of prayers is "FAITH". If you have enough Faith, you can walk on water. If you have enough Faith you can change instantly, and work for the greater good. At the end, a word can make a difference whether in building a nation or destroying souls. 

Prayers play a major role in each individual's life. Prayers represent a book which is full with meaningful words, and lessons that were learned over the years. Prayers could be your stop sign to go back, and recalculate what is right, and what's wrong. They can also be your test to examine what you already have in your conscious. Prayers can be your only way out, a rescue for your soul. Prayers are like tears, they cleanse the soul, and give you the needed fresh feeling. Praying can also be a spiritual therapy...You should try it... Just look up, and have a talk with your God. 

Gladys Karam

No restriction or boundaries


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      a very well put together HUB Voted Up and awesome Frank