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Prayers Are Magical

Updated on July 9, 2017

There are times when the mind goes astray. There is too much negativity around and all one can think of is bad things happening. This is actually a symptom of General anxiety disorder. People suffering from such symptoms imagine almost all the possible bad things happening to them. Sometimes you may be faced with the problem of thinking too much but find unable to stop the flow of these thoughts. I suffered from the same problem; in fact I still deal with it. I would like to share one method I use at times when I am confronted with this situation.

The technique is nothing but prayers! Christianity advocates prayers more than anything else. It says the best way to communicate with god is through prayers. People who pray regularly are immensely peaceful and contented. Of course I did not know this till the time I tried it myself. I prayed. The first time I prayed, it created such great peace in my mind that I could not help believing in the powers of prayers. Then I prayed again and again and I started believing in it even more.

When you pray, you submit yourself to the greater power of the universe. Submission creates tranquility in the mind. To admit the fact that you are one small , insignificant creature in this gigantic universe imparts to you a humble feeling. And that feels so great ! Pray to god about his majestic presence and submit to his will. Just say whatever is his will, will happen. No matter what how much you struggle to get a certain thing done, you need his blessings. Recognize that power and pray for his guidance and blessings. This is very much relieving.

Talk to God about your problems and anxieties exactly the way you would tell a friend. Spell out the exact problem. For example, if it is exams, then you might say , “ God, I am so afraid of not being able to complete my paper tomorrow.” OR “ God, I am so afraid that I ll face criticism from my parents for not performing up to their expectations. “

Sometimes we are ourselves not aware of the exact reason we are afraid of. Spelling out the exact fear will give you the realization of the exact root cause of your problem. Then pray to God to help you counter this problem. Say, “ God please help me to feel good about myself despite people’s criticsm.”

“ God, please help me to have a positive outlook about life. “

“ God, please help me to live a healthy and positive life. “

These statements create a lot of difference in mind. You will know when you try it.

There are also certain statements that help to feel completely submitted and humble. It helps me relax so much better. The statement is “ God , please make me a channel of your peace. “ This is a very effective statement.

Another statement I say is , “ God, you are my shepherd. I have faith in you. Take me anywhere according to your will. “

See the transformation prayers bring in your life.


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