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Base Training Mesocycle Periodization For Cycling

Updated on February 9, 2013

Planning Periodization of Cycling Training

For an athlete, the pre season training program macrocycle is where initially fitness is developed to adjust the body to the physical and mental demands of sports training. The pre season training program consists of a number of training mesocycles which form the basis of periodization for sports training.

Always Train With A Plan

Base Training For Cycling


Base Training Volume

Base Training Volume Graph
Base Training Volume Graph | Source

Preparatory Training Macrocycle for Endurance Sports

The preparatory training Macrocycle can be broken down into three Mesocycles

1. Base Training Mesocycle

2. Speed Training Mesocycle

3. Peak and Taper Mesocycle

Base Training Mesocycle Periodization

Base training in most sports training will generally last around twelve weeks however may last up to six months depending on available time, initial fitness levels and length of event.


Base training can often be split into two sections- Base 1 and Base 2

Base 1- The Preparatory Phase

The goal of the athlete and coach in base 1 is to accustom the body and mind to training for the athlete’s specific competition. Many athletes and coaches talk about “establishing a base of fitness” and that is exactly what Base 1 is for.

During Base 1 an athlete can work on refining their technique, basic strength and flexibility. The aim is to start to increase aerobic endurance as well as re developing the athlete’s capacity for training resilience.

Base 1 training doesn’t necessarily have to be all done in your chosen sport. Cross training can prove to be an excellent way to help develop fitness. Training years can be long so take every opportunity to keep you fresh long term. This is non specific sports training.

Base 2- The Mileage/ Duration Phase

During this Mesocycle, mileage and duration of training is slowly increased while a relatively low intensity is maintained. Base 2 builds additional training volume and the longest workouts should realistically grow top being at least as long as the furthest distance/ time event of an athlete’s season.

Base 2 can also integrate some muscular endurance work. For a runner or cyclist this would involve rolling hills to help develop muscular strength while concentrating on endurance development during training workouts.

By the end of Base 2

Base training is designed to allow you to structure the Periodization of your Pre-season Training program to ensure you are ready for the intense speed phase that follows.

base training alone does not improve event performance greatly, this is developed through specific speed and strength related training. The not so secret trick is to remember that the speed mesocycle is the most critical phase of the macrocycle

Always Train With A Plan

Always have a plan when you leave the house. Never train for the sake of training.

If you do not have a plan you will often struggle with your mental focus. Even if you simply plan to ride easy for an hour, two or three- You have a plan to follow

Always Train With A Plan

Periodization of Training Macrocycles and Mesocycles

Periodization of Training- Do you structure your training into Macrocycles and Mesocycles?

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