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Pre-workouts! (Effectiveness & Healthiest!)

Updated on December 3, 2013

What is a Pre-Workout?

So you're interested in pre-workouts, but don't know what they are? Well you've come to the right place! In this article I will inform on you on what pre-workouts are and how they work, and also which ones are the healthier ones to take.

Check out various supplements to help you lose weight faster and give your self more sustained energy!

Why take a Pre-Workout?

Pre-workouts keep you pumped, and on the top of your game. Pre-workouts allow you to lift that extra 10 or 15lbs when weightlifting, and allow you to run that extra mile at full force. Pre-workouts keep you focused, and sustained with energy. In my field of work, pre-workouts can keep me alive, they keep me focused and able to react on a moments notice, and to stay 2 steps ahead of any criminal that I may encounter!

What do Pre-Workouts do?

If you are trying to get into shape but just don't have the drive to go to the gym, or to start working out? You don't feel like going to the gym after working 8 or more hours. Then you need a Pre-workout supplement.

The really is nothing worse than getting up early in the morning after a long night and having to try to convince yourself to go to the gym and work out. Obviously at this time, you really don't care about lifting weights, running, getting into your workout routine at all. You don't care about the goals for muscle gain you've made, or the goals for weight loss you've made, you just want to lay back down and go back to sleep, right? Or if you've just finished a long day of work, you just want to put up your feet and relax for the rest of the night, and have no desire or drive to head to the gym.

Everything above, is what makes pre-workout supplements so, amazing. No matter how tired you are or how much you don't want to head on over to the gym, once you take a pre-workout, everything just gets going, and you gain the desire, and the burn to go to the gym and do more than you originally planned!

Pre-workout supplements are typically designed to:

Increase energy levels

Improve focus

Increase endurance

Improve performance

Increase strength

Decrease muscle breakdown

Increase protein synthesis

Improve nutrient delivery and assimilation

How it works?

Pre-workouts usually have the same core ingredients;

Caffeine - Caffeine is a performance booster that allows your body to have an increased level of alertness, an increased focus level and a better over all body coordination. This leads into stronger lifts, more sustained focus and energy.

Tyrosine - Tyrosine is an important amino acid. It helps reduce the effects of acute stress on the body, which helps reduce the stress from over training, or training to heavy. It also helps improve concentration when the body is under stress, like when working out.

BCAA's - The most common branched chained amino acids (BCAA's) found in the majority of pre-workouts are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valin. The roles of these BCAA's are to help reduce muscle tissue breakdown. Having these important BCAA's in your body and blood stream, before, during and after your workout will stop your body from using its own amino acids which it would take by breaking down your bodies muscles, if it wasn't for the BCAA's in the pre-workout.

Creatine Monohydrate - Creatine is a hugely popular supplement in today's supplement market and gym scene. Creatine maximizes your bodies strength levels, which ultimately results in bigger and more dense muscle growth. Creatine allows your body to keep going and do longer, high weight sets for weight training, and helps push your body further and longer while doing cardio. Creatine in your pre-workouts allow for a longer, stronger and more sustained workout.

Which Pre-Workouts are the best?

All Pre-Workouts are different, and effect people differently as well. If you went to the nearest gym, and asked 20 people what they think the best pre-workouts are on the market, the will definitely all say something differently. HOWEVER, the next 10 supplements are the ones that these gym goers, WILL mention are the better ones on the market.

Below are the top Pre-Workouts, from Amazing to Great.

Craze - Performance Fuel rates CRAZE - PERFORMANCE FUEL a crazy 8.9/10 (This is the highest rated pre-workout on the market, rated by millions of supplement junkies like myself!)


- Perform At Your Very Best: Prepare for some of the best workouts of your entire life!

- Build Strength And Size: The precise blend of proven ergogenic compounds in Craze will take your gym performance to a whole new level.

- Feel Amazing: Just like all of our alpha and beta testers who reported great muscle pumps and heightened focus support.

HemoRage Black - Nutrex rates HemoRage - BLACK a raging 8.8/10


- You’ll Never Need More Than 1 Scoop!

- The Real Ultra Concentrated Pre-workout Detonator

- Beyond Focused

- Beyond Buzzed

- Beyond Jacked

Juggernaut HP - Infinite Labs rates Juggernaut HP an unstoppable 8.8/10


- Promotes Lean Mass

- Stimulates Muscle Fiber Growth

- Supports Explosive Power

- Promotes The “Pump” Sensation”

- Enhances Mental Focus

- Helps Reduce Fatigue

- Supports Blood Flow

Beast Mode - Beast Sports Nutrition rates BEAST MODE a beastly 8.8/10


- Helps The Body To Increase Mass and Strength

- Helps You Focus, Concentrate, and Keeps Your Mind Sharp

- Gives You Energy To Help The Mind and Body Perform at its Best and Power Through Your Workout

- Powder Is Quick Dissolving and Fast Acting

The Curse! - Cobra Labs rates The Curse! a magical 8.8/10


- Insane Energy

- Support Mental Focus

- Promote Muscle Pumps

- Great Tasting!

- Big tubs, 50 Servings Per Tub

C4 Extreme - Cellucor rates C4 Extreme an explosive 8.7/10


- Contains Creatine Nitrate

- Highly Explosive Energy

- NO3 Pump Technology

- Rapid Absorption System

- No Fillers Or Dyes

Jack3d - USPlabs rates Jack3d! a Jacked up 8.7/10


- Ultra-Potent Micro Technology

- Super Performance Formula

- Clean, Smooth Energy That Lasts

- Unique Patented and Trademarked Compounds

- No Sugar or Carbs

- Creatine and Beta-Alanine Free (No Tingles)

Bullnox Androrush - Betancourt Nutrition rates Bullnox Androrush a Raging 8.7/10


- Androgenic Stimulation: Support androgen levels as you train*

- Unbeatable Strength-endurance: Lift more weight for more reps without “gassing”*

- Dilation of Cardiovascular and Muscular tissues: Gain size as you train*

- Lasting Neuro-emotive Energy: The final set feels as incredible as the first*

NeuroCore - Muscle Tech rates NeuroCore a rock solid 8.6/10


- Super- Concentrated Pre-Workout Stimulant: Neurocore has been formulated with key ingredients such as beta-alanine, L-citrulline and creatine hydrochloride to deliver superior training experience unlike anything available on the market today.

- Energy

- Focus

- Strength

- Pump

Assault - Muscle Pharm rates Assault an aggressive 8.6/10


- 2012 Pre-workout Of The Year!

- Supercharged Endurance And Training Intensity

- Energy/ Mental Alertness

- Power/ Strength

- Performance/ Stamina

- Anti-Fatigue/ Lactic Acid Buffer

What else do I need to know about Pre-Workouts?

Above are the best and highest rated pre-workout supplements on the market today. It is a possibility to end up building a tolerance to supplements such as pre-workouts, this being said, buy 2 different ones, and either alternate them daily or use a different one when you finish a container of your favorite, use the second favorite. The point of this is to keep the tolerance down on the pre-workout supplements, to keep feeling that swooping rush of energy and huge pumps.

Please carefully read, and follow the directions on each and every different pre-workout supplement you decide to take, and remember to stop taking them if you experience hugely negative effects such as chest pain.

When taking a pre-workout, heed the name. These are PRE-WORK-OUT supplements. These are designed and intended to be used when working out. Personally I use these on a daily basis to keep my momentum up in my field, I have a very strenuous and highly active job that can cost me my life at times. Therefore I use it nonstop, and it keeps me ready for anything that the criminal world might throw at me!

Check out various supplements to help you lose weight faster and give your self more sustained energy!


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    • SagaSphere profile image


      2 years ago

      The original Neurocore was awesome! I used to take it all the time when I first started out.

    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 

      2 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      There's a lot of crap in this article. I don't even know where to start!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      very nice post, i certainly love this web site, keep on it gceekaaeaake

    • Mackinreviews profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Las Vegas

      @ Erorantes - Thanks for the feedback and the comment! Always here to lend a helping hand when it comes to nutrition and supplementation!

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 

      5 years ago from Miami Florida

      Thank you, mickinreviews for the advice of the pre-workout. It is always good to know what to take to look super good. It is great to know what to eat with this pre- workout. I like your hub.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Using pre work outs non stop will screw your adrenal system. Do some research and take care of your body!

    • SagaSphere profile image


      6 years ago

      Good selection and introduction to pre workouts.


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