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Precor Treadmills - Do You Really Need This Much Treadmill?

Updated on September 10, 2011

Precor Treadmills are Premium Home Treadmills

Only you and your family can answer the question, "Do you really need a Precor Treadmill in your home?" Precor makes a series of fine premium treadmills for home use. The catch is that they are comparatively expensive.

For instance, the popular Precor 9.33 can be found online price at around $4,500. That's a hefty sum when other line have top end models for thousands less. At the low end, we found the Precor 9.23 offered at around $2,100.

But why do we even need a treadmill in the first place? It is a good question. When you can put on a good pair of shoes, open the door, and breathe the fresh air in the great outdoors a home treadmill can seem quite superfluous. But there are several good and practical reasons for having a home treadmill.

For one thing the weather is not always so pleasant in the great outdoors. Some days it is too hot. Other days it is rainy or windy, or smoggy. The elements can conspire against us. But the treadmill give you and me a way to always get in our cardiovascular exercise.

And you just might not want to get outdoors. Maybe you prefer to workout indoors away from nosy neighbors and prying eyeballs. Again the treadmill lets you exercise in the privacy of your abode. Many treadmills today have shock absorbing surfaces that are better and more pleasant than trudging along an asphalt or concrete roadway.

Yes, there are many valid reasons to have a treadmill in the home. They range from the cheapest manual treadmill to complex unit that are price the thousands of dollars. These are definitely luxury items. They give you special features that you would not expect to find on lesser priced treadmills.

What are the outstanding features found on Precor Treadmills?

Perhaps the best feature that you will find on a Precor treadmill is the impact absorption system. This system is designed so that when your foot lands on the deck it is cushioned to protect your joints. That's fine but when you want to push off from the surface of the deck that same shock absorbing cushion can make it seem like you are walking/jogging/running in sand.

Well, Precor made their decks so that they absorb shock on landing yet provide you with maximum stability when you are ready to push off. This combination has been shown to outperform a natural running surface. In short you get the advantages of a cushioned surface and none of the drawbacks. ( They've even designed it to adjust to your individual needs.)

Another related feature is the Integrated Footplant Technologyâ„¢ (IFT). This technology registers your foot speed and recalculates the velocity up to hundreds of times per second! This is on Precor's premium treadmills.

Think about it. The speed of your foot changes while you walk or run. This technology takes that into account and supports your natural stride. This not only maximizes the aerobic effect to your heart and lungs, it also minimized fatigue and reduces joint stress.

Other outstanding features you'll find on Precor treadmills include the consoles. Everything you need to start achieving your goals in clearly presented and easy to find on these consoles. Most models of the Precor treadmills include heart rate monitoring. The motors are powerful enough to give you smooth and quiet performance. Quality is built into Precor treadmills and customer satisfation runs high.

So, do you really need this much treadmill? Probably not. But it sure would be nice to have a treadmill of this quality in your home, wouldn't it.?

What is most important to you when shopping for a treadmill?

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