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Pregnancy Beauty Products

Updated on March 17, 2010

Keep Beauty Safe During Pregnancy

It is all too easy to assume that every beauty product you used before your pregnancy is safe for use throughout your child bearing year. There are chemicals and natural ingredients in certain beauty products that you should be avoiding, the majority of skin care and make up brands will not state this on their labels, which is why I have created this hub- to inform mums to be about which pregnancy beauty products are safe.

Chemicals such as retinoids and salycilic acid must be avoided during pregnancy, as should natural ingredients such as soy and clary sage. There are brands that do tailor their beauty products specifically for use during pregnancy, such as Mama Mio and Boo Boo Mummy, I will feature some of these in my hub to give you an idea of what to shop for.

This pregnancy beauty products hub will also feature pregnancy beauty tips and ideas, as well as guides to preventing stretch marks and saggy breasts.

Which Chemicals Should I Avoid in my Usual Beauty Products?

Retinoids are most commonly found in anti-ageing products as they are known to reduce and prevent wrinkles. If you are keen to carry on with your anti-ageing routine it is best that you avoid those products containing retinoids altogether and instead focus on more natural means of preventing wrinkles.
Concentrate on making the most of your pregnancy glow. The pregnancy glow is something that you will not find in a bottle, and this alone can leave you looking younger and fresher. Maintain skin hydration through the use of a pregnancy cream that is safer than those containing retinoids and aid things internally by staying on top of your water intake. Eating a safe level of fish containing Omega 3 can also help maintain your natural oils in your skin and prevent wrinkles.

Salycilic Acid:
Pregnancy acne can become quite troublesome, especially during that hormone packed first trimester. You may want to check your chosen acne cream though before using it, as the majority contain salycilic acid, another big no, no during pregnancy.
You can opt for a more gentle cleanser or face wash, such as a cucumber based one from a basic range. You may also want to up your water intake to keep your skin flushed and clear and in addition to this eating a well balanced pregnancy diet will also go a long way towards keeping your skin clear.
Unfortunately many of the skin problems you see during your first trimester are due to an increase in hormones and battling pregnancy spots altogether may not be possible, even with a cream containing salycilic acid.

Natural Ingredients to Avoid in Pregnancy Beauty Products

Soy may sound harmless, but it has been known to make 'the mask of pregnancy' worse. So avoid any products containing Soy.

Essential Oils you Must Avoid:

  • Marjoram
  • Basil
  • Jasmine
  • Rosemary
  • Clary Sage
  • Melissa
  • Thyme
  • Juniper
  • Rose Damascena

The above essential oils must be avoided for numerous reasons. Some (such as Marjoram) are known to be able to lower your blood pressure, which in turn can lower the level of blood reaching your placenta. Others (such as Clary Sage) are known uterine tonics that can be used to stimulate menstruation.
You will most commonly find such essential oils in 'natural' and 'organic' products. Some brands such as Boots-The Sanctuary do state on their packaging if the product is unsafe for pregnant women, others do not.
Here are some oils that are safe for use during pregnancy.

Brands That Are Safe for Use During Pregnancy

The following brands are tailored to meet the needs of mums to be and are safe for use during pregnancy:

  • Burt's Bees Mama Bee
  • Mama Mio
  • Boo Boo Mummy
  • Derma Mum
  • This Works
  • The Sanctuary- Mum to Be
  • Avent Future Mother
  • Little me and Mum to Be
  • Angelique
  • Bio Oil
  • Boots Mediterranean Maternity

Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Whilst a lot of women may not be able to prevent pregnancy stretch marks altogether, there are steps you can take to drastically reduce the number of stretch marks you do see as a result of pregnancy:

  • Staying on top of your water intake will help keep your skin supple and can encourage collagen production.
  • Keep on top of your vitamin c intake. Vitamin c can encourage collagen production, which in turn keeps your skin supple.
  • Try pregnancy yoga. Yoga is a fantastic way of staying in shape during pregnancy, it allows your skin to adapt to stretching, which in turn can prevent pregnancy stretch marks.
  • Rub baby oil or bio oil in to your skin after a shower or bath. By doing this you are externally hydrating your skin whilst it is most open to absorbing moisture. Remember, moisture is key to keeping your skin supple.
  • Add bio oil or baby oil to your bath. This will allow the oil to soak in to your skin and will keep it supple.
  • Try a pregnancy stretch mark cream from brands such as Mama Mio and Boo Boo Mummy tailor their anti pregnancy stretch mark creams for use during maternity. Teamed with the above methods, using one of these creams can go a long way towards preventing pregnancy stretch marks.

If all else fails...
Bio Oil has been reputed to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and scars. Using Bio Oil on your post natal stretch marks may not remove them altogether, but it will make them fade. Mama Mio have produced more intensive therapies that can have a more dramatic effect.

Keep Your Breasts Firm During Pregnancy

There is actually no magic secret to keeping your breasts firm during pregnancy, most of the effort you put in should come from: wearing a bra that fits. Our breasts are made of fat and ligaments and when those ligaments are made to stretch from our expanding breasts during pregnancy, they need extra support to ensure they do not sag.

The above statement may seem fairly obvious, but it is surprising just how many women are walking around wearing a bra that does not fit properly. At the beginning of your pregnancy you should have your chest measured. Department stores such as Marks & Spencers and Debenhams offer a free bra measurement service that lasts around twenty minutes (they have lots of nice bras too!)

Buy a bra that fits correctly and buy one that is two cup sizes bigger for when your chest expands. If you are quite large in the chest department you may also wish to wear a sleep bra. For those pregnant ladies who love to exercise, ensuring that your sports bra is of good quality and the correct size will also go a long way towards preventing sagging breasts.

You may also went to try a pregnancy breast firming cream. Pregnancy breast firming creams contain natural ingredients that are known to enhance our natural skin and muscle tone.


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