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Beat Fatigue During Pregnancy

Updated on October 13, 2012

Beat Fatigue During Pregnancy


A woman's body goes through tremendous unseen changes when she becomes pregnant. From the moment of conception, cells begin dividing rapidly, hormone levels spike, blood volume begins to increase, lung capacity increases, and tendons and ligaments begin to loosen. There are a lot of side effects to all of these changes from the start, and one of the most common side effects of the rapidly changing female body is fatigue. The physiological changes occurring on a microscopic level are so dramatic, they can absolutely sap all of the energy out of a woman. That is why for so many women one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is an unmistakable tiredness.

Impact Of Diet

When a woman is pregnant, every single thing she puts into her body will have an impact--not only on herself but on her rapidly growing baby. There are many things which pregnant women need to be careful of eating during pregnancy in order to protect the health of her unborn baby. Maintaining a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins, nutrients, and proteins is a vital part of nourishing the mother-to-be, as well as the baby. A vital portion of keeping a balanced diet is to consume extra calories.

Calories As Energy

Calories are converted into energy. When there are so many changes occurring within a pregnant woman's body, these changes require a lot of energy--about 300 calories per day. By consuming extra healthy calories, a pregnant woman can help give herself a much-needed energy boost which she may find essential during the first trimester.

Healthy Calories

While it may be easy to take in an extra 300 calories per day in the form of a candy bar and a soda, it isn't going to be beneficial to the mom-to-be to take them in the form of empty calories. The truth is, if the mother isn't taking in the nutrients essential to growing a healthy baby through her diet, the baby will still most likely get what it needs to grow and thrive. The problem is, the unborn baby will take whatever nutrients it needs from the mother. While this is fine for the baby, it will deplete vital nutrients from the woman. The result is often fatigue, loss of energy, weight loss, anemia, and even lowered immune response. In some cases of extreme malnutrition of a pregnant woman, the baby has nothing left to take from the mother, making both of them extremely ill. This is why it is extremely important that a pregnant woman takes in good, healthy calories. Not only will it help nourish her unborn baby, but it will keep her healthy, happy, and help beat fatigue during pregnancy.

Smart Ways Of Beating Tiredness During Pregnancy

So, knowing that an extra 300 healthy calories should be consumed during pregnancy, here are some ideas for some good, healthy ways of taking them in:

* Have a snack of 1 cup of trail mix with 1/2 a cup of orange juice. The nuts are loaded with healthy fat, as well as sunflower seeds and raisins, which are high in fiber. The orange juice will give you an extra serving of fruit for the day.

* Whole grain granola bar and a small can of V8. The whole grains are full of fiber, and can also satisfy a sweet tooth. The V8 contains a ton of vitamins and minerals for mom and baby.

* Fruit Smoothie. Use skim milk, yogurt, and fruit to create a delicious drink. You will get an added boost of calcium and an additional serving of fruit.

* String Cheese and precut vegetables. Many of the precut veggies even come with some sort of ranch dip. You will get calcium and a serving of veggies from this simple snack.

Foods To Avoid

While you don't need to dramatically change your diet when you are pregnant, there are some foods to avoid because of the possibility of birth defects or disease. The first is raw or uncooked meat and seafood. Both can contain harmful parasites or bacteria, or large amounts of heavy metals. This includes raw or very rare steak, undercooked burgers, and sushi. Large fish are also something to avoid. Fish like tuna, mackerel, and swordfish are known to contain large amounts of mercury, which can contribute to spina biffida in an unborn baby. Deli meats and soft cheeses are also on the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, as they can contain harmful bacteria such as Listeria.

Healthy Habits For A Healthy Pregnancy

Overall, you can beat fatigue during pregnancy by eating right. Taking in the right amount of additional calories will help fight off the tiredness most pregnant women feel during the first few months of their pregnancies. Of course, the extra calories should be consumed in a healthy way to insure better health and more energy for the mom-to-be. When you eat right, you will feel all around better, and your baby will too


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    • april holland profile image

      April Savage 

      6 years ago from Florida

      This is soooo true!! It is so refreshing to see a man write on this topic for pregnant women. Good job!!


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