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The Benefits of Pregnancy Exercises for Labor, Delivery, and the Post Pregnancy Belly

Updated on May 26, 2009

Being pregnant is such a laborious phase in women’s life. Adding to the usual routine of women, being pregnant makes them gain weight. This makes the pregnant women feel bloated and some areas of her body became weaker. To aid this reaction, pregnant women should exercise to relief the pain and also prepare for the tiring labor and delivery.

Exercise during pregnancy has numerous advantages. One of the advantages of pregnancy exercises is that it improves posture. Being pregnant adds pounds to the women’s weight, particularly in the area of the belly. Since its size is not normal, the tendency is to stress the back area. This could also strain the legs as it may not support the entire weight. During exercise, pregnant women can develop the right posture in order not to add tension to the spine. This would eventually result to fewer back aches or pain in the legs.

Pregnancy exercise can also help to assist the development of  a larger placenta. The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen is being enhanced as the development of large placenta occurs during regular consistent exercise, which is essential for the growth of the baby. This can also help to ensure that he nutrients needed by the baby are also absorbed properly and most efficiently. 

When a pregnant woman exercises, her body is better equipped to store enough stamina needed during labor and delivery. Another fantastic benefit of pregnancy exercise is that the body will be able to deal with the tolerance of pain at a higher level. Thus making it easier for the women to labor. This also allows the woman to perceive less pain as the labor and delivery occurs.

Pregnancy Belly
Pregnancy Belly

Pregnancy Exercises

Among the exercises recommended for pregnant women are those that have minimal movement but has a high impact in toning of the muscle tissues. Low impact fitness walking is among the easiest and most common exercise pregnant women do. This does not require abrupt movements but the action exerted while walking increases the resistance needed for labor and delivery. It is suggested to at least conduct a thirty minute walk each day. If thirty minutes cannot be accomplished in one straight walk, a pregnant woman can break it in shorter distances that would equal the amount of time spent walking.

Low altitude hiking during the first and second trimester or to tone up a post pregnancy bell can also be done. Be sure to have a companion while doing this exercise in case of emergency. Being pregnant has its adversities. It is better to be ready when situation occurs, rather than curing whatever injury it can cause in the end.

Another exercise fit for pregnant women are aerobics. There are several aerobics available depending on the women’s preference or lifestyle. These are low-impact aerobic exercise, low level step aerobics and aqua aerobics. Treadmill can also be used when traditional walking is not desired. These pregnancy exercises are mostly done in groups. It does not only benefit the body’s endurance but also a way to socialize. It is important for women to have someone she can relate to during pregnancy, as she may experience mixed emotion.

If a pregnant women who easily get irritated or uncomfortable when feeling sweaty, swimming is the perfect exercise for them. Since this exercise is done in water, it helps the body of pregnant woman cool down. In this kind of exercise, more muscles are being flexed which is beneficial in the proper circulation of blood. This decreases the chances of having tired feet and back aches.


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    • tectonic profile image


      7 years ago from Singapore

      Very nice points you have provided .

      Will check out your other hubs

    • milenaamr profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub. Exercising during pregnancy help you in many ways. Stay healthy, fit, deliver more oxygen to your baby, ease your labor, ect... I did yoga during my pregnancy and I am very happy about it because turns out to be a nice healthy habit for life. Thanks for the article.


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