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Pregnancy In The Right Age - What Is the Best Age to Get Pregnant?

Updated on August 16, 2011

Perfect Age For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the natural out come of fertilization between the ovum and sperm and it can occur at any time during the reproductive life period of a healthy female. The reproductive age starts with the menarche (beginning of menstruation) and ends with the menopause (end of menstrual cycle in her life).

Best Age for Pregnancy

The optimum age for fertility for women begins at the age of 18. Until 25, women will be at their most fertile period, and after 25 it starts declining gradually and after 35 this process of losing fertility begins to speed up more rapidly. T

he “best” age for getting pregnant may or may not be when you are most fertile. As you get older, your ovaries age along with the rest of your body, and your eggs become less viable. For that reason, younger women's eggs are less likely than older women's to have genetic abnormalities that result in Down syndrome and other birth defects.

For the younger ones in 20s, the risk of miscarriage is less and other gynecological problems like fibroids, endometriosis are also less which can also affect pregnancy. Infections and sexually transmitted diseases are less than compared to older ones as the exposure is less.

Pregnancy itself is usually physically easier for women in their 20s, since they're at lower risk of health complications like high blood pressure and diabetes and are less likely to have premature or low-birth-weight babies. You're more flexible in your 20s, which is good for your marriage and for the transition to parenthood. Finally, you'll still feel vital and energetic enough to be an actively involved grandparent as well.

Pregnancy Information : How to Get Pregnant

On the other hand, having a child in your 20s may be biologically optimal; it may not be so financially and professionally. The young mother is likely to feel depressed and overwhelmed, and are simply unprepared when it comes to making the sacrifices -parenthood requires, hence children of younger mothers are more prone to behavior problems than children of older mothers.

Below the age of 18, chances of premature delivery, still births and cardiac complaints (valvular dysfunctions) are more. Also, at a risk of pregnancy complications and are known to get affected by high blood pressure or anemia. They are unprepared financially, emotionally and morally (drinking & smoking) and refrain from prenatal care, endangering the life of the unborn baby.

What Is the Best Age to Get Pregnant?

Many women consider 30s to be the best age to get pregnant and raise a child because they are more settled in life with a strong career, adequate financial resources, have spent quality time with their partners and most importantly are emotionally ready to start a family and embracing parenthood. It does not mean older age is the best, but can deliver healthy babies through proper health care during pregnancy, under strict medical supervision.

From a strictly biological perspective, the 20s is the best decade for conceiving and carrying a baby. Ideally, it is up to the woman to decide what is the best age to get pregnant for her.


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