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Pregnancy & Preventative Care

Updated on October 8, 2013


Pregnant woman swimming
Pregnant woman swimming | Source


Pregnancy & Preventative Care

What can a woman do when a woman becomes pregnant? The best actions are planning and using all of the weapons in their respective arsenal to combat diseases, and ensure optimal health for their unborn fetus. As the fetus grows atoms and molecules are being produced for every organ and cell in the baby’s body, they are in the trillions (50 to 75 trillion). It is essential to nourish the developing baby and stay healthy with all of the nutrients, super foods, water, and supplements that will eventually impact the unborn’s developing fetus. We get our genealogy from our parents and if they are fit and healthy we will inherit those fit and healthy genes. The unborn child will start to develop its own identity and social characteristics like its facial features and eyes in about the seventh month of pregnancy, and to be quite truthful it is the very first thing everyone looks at when we are born and throughout life.

The body of a pregnant woman goes through numerous changes and they are both in the shape, interior and exterior of the body. The shape shifts as it grows to accommodate a new baby, the breasts grow and maintain milk until the child is born, the hips grow outward and the cervix is growing, as well as, getting ready for the high speed growth and dilation at the time of inception of this new bundle of joy.

The nutrients are going to be for two people instead of one, the pregnant woman and her unborn fetus, so in thinking of all the foods, drinks, exercise, sleep, oxygen, and vitamins, it is essential to think about and eat better things for two people. The unborn child is more demanding in its intake of food, vitamins, and drink than the pregnant mother. Stay in touch with your doctor and request his/her advice on everything to carry an unborn child to term with optimal health in mind, ask for suggestions and proper nutritional advice.

We also have the choice today on whether or not, we want to know the child’s gender and whether or not, they are pre-disposed to any diseases through prenatal tests. Rearranged cellular structure of unhealthy DNA is called, “Causative Mutations,” they are accountable for up to 85% of all cases of disease, so it becomes an important issue to be aware of during pregnancy. Causative means that it is an effect of something that is combined with something to cause an event. For example, I was hitting a ball with a bat and it went airborne.

There are three stages of pregnancy where the body and unborn are growing from embryo to fetus to newborn child. The stages are stages of development and show the nourishment of the unborn child through its growth and activity. There is a video available called inside the pregnancy that goes from embryo to fetus to newborn status that reveals the progression and how each organ, which develop within 4 to 7 weeks of pregnancy, and parts of the body limbs and other muscle and tissue, undergoing gradual changes in the pregnancy in each trimester of the pregnancy (

Preventative medicine is also significant in aiding and combating premature deaths or mortality rates and also in common afflictions, inherited afflictions, and is aiding in improving health and wellbeing of both the pregnant woman and their unborn child.

New advancements in technology also allow people to buy pregnancy tests without a prescription from drug stores or online marketplaces. Implants, artificial insemination, and other technological wonders are taking place as we speak.

Education and preventative medicine outreach is available at your local hospitals and clinics; it is a good thing to check with your provider or health care professional regarding pregnancy. The medical industry is in a transitional period of carrying out more outreach on preventative medicine and they may have even newer and exciting programs geared toward premium health.

An astounding medical breakthrough with the umbilical cord has lead researchers on stem cell research and cord blood banking for medical treatments that carry specific cells in the body ( It may also lead to reducing cancer and other forms of diseases of the immune system.

Evolution, migration, and the environment have also produced changes in the body of a pregnant woman and unborn child. Women were larger and the unborn had a bigger brain than modern man in comparison to the Ice Age man. Our social palette, our face and skin changed also baring the skin of hair in comparison to the Ice Age hairy man. In the age of the Ice Man the animals were also larger and more of them were carnivores also, it is interesting to see the comparisons as we have evolved into modern man and woman.

Volume 1, Issue 29, 3-22-2013


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