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Pregnancy Signs - How To Tell

Updated on March 24, 2013

Most women tend to miss those little signs that tell them they have conceived. Very often, one dismisses them as signs of tiredness or being under the weather. However, if you were to be conscious of these little signs, you would perhaps be able to tell you could be pregnant much before you do a urine pregnancy test or even before you miss your next menstrual period.

Very often, around ten days after you have conceived, you could experience implantation bleeding which could just be a few spots of blood coming through the vagina. You could just dismiss it as spotting and not bother but this is a sign because this is when the egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus by digging into it and there is a bit of blood letting. Sometimes it’s just a one-time thing, sometimes it could be repeated a couple of times over a day or two. This could just happen a week after the egg has been fertilized.

Another sign is tender, swollen breasts which happen because of the rise in hormone levels as soon as the egg is fertilized. This starts off pretty early on in your pregnancy and goes on usually for the first three months. After that, your body accepts these changes and you don’t feel your breasts being different but get used to them.

You could feel tired and maybe even have a cold and cough and feel slightly feverish. With the rise in progesterone levels in your system, you tend to feel under the weather and your immune system may be a bit weak too. This feeling usually lasts for a few days, no more. The tiredness however, could carry on and after the first three months, if it continues, your doctor might put you on tonics to make you feel better.

Some women tend to feel nauseous from the moment of conception. They might think it’s something they’ve eaten but it could be because of the changed hormone levels. This queasiness could also be due to the fact that any kind of smell or odour is very often exaggerated and could bring on a bout of nausea and vomiting.

All this is probably only during the first pregnancy that you tend to miss or misinterpret. Most women tend to know when it’s the second or third pregnancy because they are more in tune with their body’s changes and they’ve been through the experience before. Of course, the missed period usually confirms the fact of pregnancy in your mind and at six weeks, you could have your pregnancy tests done to be absolutely sure.


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