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Pregnancy Symptoms

Updated on August 31, 2009

Most women have been there at some point in time: You wake up one morning and realize it's been an unusually long time since you last got your period. Maybe it's only been a couple of weeks, maybe it's been longer, but whatever the time frame, missing your period can result in absolute panic if weren't looking to get pregnant. Obviously, the fastest way to figure out whether or not you are pregnant is to pop down to the supermarket or drugstore and get you a pregnancy test. But since you'll probably be worried the entire way there, let's first go over the basic common signs of pregnancy to determine how probable it is that you might be a new mom. Note that none of these signs are going to be a sure sign of pregnancy and some of them could simply mean your period is due!

1. Missed Period

We just went over this one so I won't go on and on about it. You know if you're late and you know that being late could mean you're pregnant if you were intimate with someone in a relatively recent time period. (Even if you used protection.) Then again, I think you'd have a difficult time of finding a woman who hasn't missed a period at least once in her life due to no apparent reason at all. So just because you've missed a period does not mean you are pregnant. Relax for now (or keep hoping you are, if you do want to be pregnant.)

2. Morning Sickness

There's a reason every film shows a pregnant woman chucking in the loo before she has a clue that she's pregnant. It's cos lots of women experience nausea when they get pregnant. Not all, but many. On the other hand, you may have just eaten something that disagreed with you. If, however, you're chucking every morning then it's time to get a test.

3. Gots to Pee Pee Pee

Pregnant women tinkle a lot! Then again, I probably tinkle just as often and I am quite sure I'm not preggo... if you're super early on in pregnancy, however, you shouldn't be tinkling every 5 minutes. If that's your only symptom and it's leading to you worry that you might be pregnant, I'd take a UTI test instead.

4. Sore Boobies

Breasts get tender during menstruation so you're probably already familiar with this lovely occurrence. If your girls are feeling sore for what seems longer than normal (and, obviously, if you're not actually menstruating at the same time like you'd expect) then you may be pregnant. Get a pregnancy test.

5. You're tired all the time.

Are you feeling super fatigued for no particular reason? Lots of illnesses can cause fatigue but none of them are as easy to rule out as pregnancy so you might as well get yourself tested. If you're not pregnant but are still super sleepy then it's time to see your doc to see if something else is wrong.


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